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  1. Pirates Booty is a fantabulous snack made from rice and corn that is kinda like Cheetos? only much much better!!!! Made with aged white cheddar by a company called Roberts Gourmet. They have numerous gluten free options and are ALL NATURAL. http://www.robscape.com I am fortunate enough to work for a Natural Foods Cooperative here in Bloomington and have access to a lot of food not carried by main stream grocers. This is one of them. (they are highly addictive!!) Cathleen
  2. Ditto on the eyelash thing. I wear my glasses midway down my nose for that very reason. And I have to be careful with mascara too otherwise I end up with black freckles along the brow bone. As for nails...I've only had nails if I paid for them. (once or twice just to see what it was like) mine peel away like an onion, bend really easy and I have ridges and awful cuticles. Cathleen
  3. Nope..it's a menstrual thing a ma jig. We sell them at the Co-op I work at. Never used one tho' just couldn't get past my own mental images. Cathleen
  4. Oh by the way. I've heard numerous people refer to something called Enterolab. What exactly are they referring to? Is it a specific Lab that everyone uses or what? Thanks, Cathleen
  5. I just want to thank everyone for their generosity. I know you will all understand when I say that it is damn nice to have people who you can go to who just get it. The more that I read here the more I wonder how many of my family members may have this. My father has 12 incurable diseases, scleroderma, dermatamyositis and rheumatoid arthritis being the main ones. They are all auto immune diseases. His whole family is rife with auto immune diseases. I can not help but wonder if all of these are merely (MERELY!) off shoots of a life time of self poisoning with Gluten. Seems a simplistic sort of logic I know, but I really can't help but wonder. Any way, I just wanted to say thanks for the support and all the advice. I still haven't decided which avenue to take (tests no tests) if it was just for myself I'd stay off the Gluten and just be happy, but I have two children and many many, many family members who would benefit from this information. Aahh well. No one said it would be easy. Thanks Cathleen
  6. Forgive me, but as I have never done this before, (posted on a Forum) I'm not sure of the protocol so I am simply going to tell my story. 17 years ago I got very ill. Incredibly ill. It started slowly, so slowly in fact that I didn't even really notice at first. I had two young children, a job, a husband and was living over seas. There was no time for me to be ill and I really think that that is why it took me soo long to become concerned. I was having really bad gas. Then I was having diarhea. Then I was having diarhea EVERY time I ate. Sometimes, most times I couldn't even finish a plate of food and I would be doubled over with cramps and running to the nearest bathroom. This went on for quite a while. I lost an incredible amount of weight (not big to begin with..115 lbs) I went down to 89. (yikes! ) started having problems with my vision, my teeth and my hair. It was the last one that finally got me going. I went to part my hair one day to wear pony tails (I know..very cutsie) any way as I ran the comb down the back of my head I realized that I had a bald spot!!!! Came to find out that I actually had three !! Okay I know it says something really sad about me that it took losing my hair to go to a doctor, but really it just wasn't a habit in my family. You only went to the doctor if copious amounts of blood were flowing! Any way, I went to the Army doctors. They were baffled. The upshot was that the only thing to come out of that experience were some steroid shots to help my hair grow back. Slowly things seem to level off and I stopped having the intense cramps. I eventualy put the weight back on (mostly) but ended up wearing glasses and having hideous problems with my teeth. (I've got the equivalent of a Mercedes in my mouth and still look like a bag lady) I'm planning to have them all pulled and get dentures. Off and on over the course of the next 17 years I would have flare ups and drop weight, have incredible joint pain, problems with my sleep, bizarre muscle twitching and weakness, and incredible fatigue. I have been told that I have Fibromyalgia, possible gallbladder problems, heart arythmias, MS and appear to be entering premature menopause. Now I kmow that I sound like the worlds worst hypochondriac but please believe me when I say that it isn't so. I have seen exactly 4 doctors over the course of the last 17 years for a sum total of about 8 visits. I DO NOT WANT TO BE SICK!!!!! I want to know what is wrong ...deal with it and move on. Any way the reason I got on this site is because very recently as a way of supporting my neice on a quest to diagnose possible food allergies in her (she lives with me) we decided to start with wheat. We excuded it in all forms. Every last iota. It was hard. but produced almost immediate results for her and some interesting ones for myself as well. Around week two I cheated and had some pizza. Really bad idea as it turned out. Cramping,bloating,diarhea. The longer that I go without Gluten the worse that accidental exposures effect me. So here's the question. Do I bother getting a diagnosis? Should I just avoid the Gluten and live a better life? The idea of going back to Gluten just to get the blood work really, really makes me unhappy. Well that's it, that's the story. Any thoughts?
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