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  1. hello there i am new to this site so please bear with me. I definitely know what it's like having a child with Celiac. I have a 4 yrs old who has it and a 22 months old who doesn't. Well, my son is getting used to it now, but at school it was hard at the beginning. He goes to P-k and there of course he sees kids eating other things and there was one point where he wouldn't eat anything. Being used to an italian cousine, he hated all the gluten-free foods. Even now he still hates the bread and for that reason my sister in law sends it from italy. But now the only way he'll eat anything is if i make it myself. So that's what i do. Sometimes i get so discouraged that this is something that he has to live with it forever. I do have a recipe for "rice roll ups" I make them and freeze them. When he wants them i'll thaw them and roll them up with ham and cheese, put in a microwave to melt the cheese. HE absolutely loves them . talk to you soon
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