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    [quote name='Mosaics' date='Mar 22 2007, 07:26 PM']BTW, that "chronic psoriasis" could be dermatitis herpetiformis. Tell the docs to put that in their pipe and smoke it. [/quote] Thanks. My ENT saw the "Psoriasis" and asked who had diagnosed it, because he said he had doubts that it was actually psoriasis. I have been on so many meds for so many different things that at first I thought too much meds may have exacerbated all my issues. Have you had lots of gastro issues? I feel like my life has become a series of dr. appts and nothing else. My physician at UNC is sending me a copy of all the tests that he performed in January. Finally, I may have at least found someone who thinks all my issues may be linked. I have been trying to get someone to at least consider that fact from the beginning. Do you know if hearing loss is a common side effect of Celiac? Thanks for listening
  2. Undiagnosed,help

    I am 39 years old and until about 5 years ago enjoyed perfect health. In the last 5 years I have been diagnosed with gastro issues galore, chronic psoriasis (never goes away although treated with steroids and creams and antibiotics) and worst of all, hearing loss. The hearing loss is profound in both ears, and I am scheduled for cochlear implantation next month. Although these are only a few of my issues, not including the fatigue all my doctors agree it suggests auto immune issues. My husband read an article on Celiac disease, and was amazed at the similarities to our situation. I called all my doctors (I have many) and was surprised to find that none had tested me for this although I have had several biopsies and colonoscopy/endoscopy procedures each year. What is more surprising is that none of them seem to want to test for this. Any suggestions as to how to approach them to get tested? Thanks. dilsmom
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