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  1. I was diagnosed with celiac disease nearly two years ago, and I am currently 12 weeks pregnant with my second child. My celiac symptoms first "flared up" when pregnant with my daughter in '06, and only got worse after delivery...which eventually led to my diagnosis. I really thought my sickness would be decreased this time- because I know not to eat gluten now, etc.... However, I am feeling miserable. It is not typical mourning sickness and nausea that would be hard to deal with (although I have that, but luckily Zofran makes things more tolerable and I haven't lost any weight this pregnancy), but its a series of other more "celiac" related symptoms. My joints and muscles hurt so bad by the end of the day that I can barely sleep. I lay in bed with just the worst "flu" feeling possible all over my body- and I also have unbelievable fatigue (the abnormal celiac kind, not the "i'm just pregnant" kind). This is nothing that a few cat naps, "taking it easy" or eating more seems to fix (as suggested by others). I also have had such awful blood sugar problems that I have to drink juice throughout the day just to be able to focus or eat a real meal... My midwives gave me the usual "these are normal pregnancy symptoms" advice- which is hard for me to swallow, because my many pregnant friends deal with sickness and fatique...but NOTHING on this level. To me it feels like its celiac related, but I'm not getting contaminated...?? Has anyone had pregnancy make their symptoms feel worse or flare up? Does this sound familiar for anyone? Has anyone felt like maybe their "beaten down" celiac body just has a really hard time with pregnancy? I'd love to know I'm not alone in this...thanks!
  2. Hey there! I have a similar story to you... Pregnancy basically kicked off my full blown celiac symptoms (had symptoms throughout childhood, but not fully triggered or extreme). I was in an out of the hospital the whole pregnancy because of vomiting and weakness, and even had a midwife tell me to stop starving my baby because I wasn't putting on weight (even thought I swore up and down I was eating really well!) Everyone thought I was crazy. Near the end of my pregnancy I finally put on some weight because my body naturally starting craving gluten-free foods (which I only realize looking back now)- and had a healthy baby girl.... Thank goodness! However, the year after her birth things only got worse. I had all my celiac symptoms, but had doctors tell me it was post-partum depression (???) or stress from a new child (?!?!?) Luckily, after all of that time, we now know what it is- and thank goodness. Because had I not been diagnosed, I may never have seen the symptoms in my daughter when she started getting sick. I look forward to the next (hopeful) pregnancy (we're trying again this summer!!)- because I truly think that without gluten in my body- the vomiting, sickness, and overall misery will be a LOT better. I bet you will feel the same! So stick to your guns, trust your body, and don't let any doctor or person sway you otherwise. Your body is telling you what it can and cannot handle... and you're not crazy, because I had the same situation! : ) Take care, and congrats on that baby!!!
  3. I am 21 as well! Feel free to chat away... nice to see someone else our age on here! : )
  4. I was just wondering what anyone else experiences when having a "celiac attack" as I call it (I know some people have no symptoms at all). This is the second time this month that I've been this sick, and I assume it's from accidentally eating or coming in contact with gluten (my daughter and I are super sensitive)... I know this is gross, but basically- it starts 1-2 days before with nausea, and then it hits me hard. I'm up ALL night (no sleep, for sure) with extreme depleting diarrhea, vomiting, I get faint and shaky (and my face gets completely white), and I get so weak I could prob. use an IV or something. The weirdest part of all? Before everything happens, I start with these awful burps that literally smell as if I'm rotting from the inside (which with celiac, we kind of are if ingesting gluten!) My daughter used to get those awful burps and we would moan and groan, but now I also get them during an attack.... Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone have similar symptoms? Any thoughts, or what are your own attacks like? Thanks!
  5. Hey y'all. I was looking for some advice in regards to furthering my recovery w/ celiac. I have been on the gluten-free diet for about 3 weeks now, and feel SO much better. It's amazing the difference. However, I still feel kind of weak, extremely tired, and have trouble w/ extreme (girl) cycles... I know that it takes time to be 100%, but until then I want to help my body the most I can. What is your advice on making sure your body has the best nutrients, vitamins, and help to feeling better as soon as possible? I want to make sure if there are any tips, teas, foods, etc. that I should be extra aware of- that I am doing the right things to feel better! Thank you!
  6. Hey y'all! I was just wondering what everyone else eats on their gluten-free diet and as part of their lifestyle. I thought by sharing, we could gain better tips and advice from those doing it right, get some new ideas, or even realize where we are lacking ourselves in the nutrient department. Do y'all want to start this as a new post? I tend to eat 5-6 small mini meals a day because I have an 11 month old Im running after, and a very busy life. I feel ill any other way. I've also been a vegetarian since I was 7. I LOVE my gluten-free diet and feel so much better already.... Here is what I have planned for today: * A big smoothie before leaving house- frozen strawberries, banana, a handful of baby spinach, and some cucumber slices (sounds gross, but want to make sure to eat my veggies) + ice/water * A Cottage Cheese double for next mini meal (rasberry flavor) * Some scrambled EggBeater (equivelant to 2 eggs) with mushrooms * An Amy's frozen (veggie) Sheppard's Pie. Gluten-free ofcourse! *A rice cake with peanut butter... That's all for now. What about y'all? For exercise I teach a fitness class in the morning for an hour. Today is my easy day : )
  7. Hey y'all- I am new to this, and desperatly need help, advice, and experience. My entire life I have had on and off bouts of what we call the "Brown family stomach" (many others have this so-called nervous and sensitive stomach in my family), in which I would have months of diareah, weight loss, illness, etc. at a very young age. However, we never looked into it further. As a teen, I found my menstration cycles so long and painful that I would sometimes have 2 in one month, or one the length of 2 weeks- to the point that a doctor told me I prob. wouldn't be able to have children. A month later, my newlywed husband and I became pregant! (And thankful, of course!) My baby girl is nearly a year old, and the past month has been hell. My entire pregnancy I was violently ill and could barely put on weight. This past year I have been in and out of doctors with extreme stomach pain, bouts of constipation and diareah, weight loss, stomach destention, bloating and overall discomfort, slight (tiny bit) of depression, and recent bone pain. I was even hospitalized a few times. I have bounced between numerous doctors- all of whom disregard my symptoms as so-called stress, IBS, or "post partum depression." None of the IBS or reflux medicines they gave me worked (and I told them so) I tested positive for gastritis and stomach iritation during an upper GI series, I was told during an endoscopy that my intestines screamed "celiac", and a nurse technician even went so far as to tell me how "not normal" my intestines appeared during an unrelated vaginal ultrasound. I am so sick of being sick- Im young, the picture of perfect health (a fitness/dance instructor, personal trainer, etc.) as far as lifestyle, and want to be living this new time wiht my child and hubby! All dr.s have done is say that my stomach looks like celiac, my symptoms seem celiac, and I couldn't agree more. I have no doubt in my mind. However, my biopsy done was negative- although I was not told to eat gluten in the weeks prior (I was eating minimal amounts) and the dr. really seems neglegent about all matters of celiac. He did not explain anything to me at all, and has not returned a call since the biopsy (even after explaining the bad shape that my intestines were in.) Out of frustration, I have been 100% gluten free this past week (to test things out myself), and already feel like the clouds have slightly parted and there is some sun shining through! Not huge improvement, but enough to have me feeling positive!!!!! I am very bodily aware person Has anyone had similiar experiences? Everything adds up, but I still am confused? Would appreciate any words of wisdom!!! Thank you!!!! : )
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