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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Is there a diference between Celiac Disease and Celica Sprue Disease?
  3. I will be traveling to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. A couple people have said there are resteraunt cards written in other languages that you can show the chef so he/she is aware of your restrictions. Does anyone know where to find these?
  4. Thanks. I am still having problems navigating this site. I appreciate your reply.
  5. Hello, I was diagnosed less than 2 days ago. I have some good info but I have some travels coming up and plans to have dinner at friends houses, and I can't even figure out what to eat for lunch! I need some info on internantional travel... I heard something about "resteraunt cards" that you can show to a chef and they even come in different languages. Any idea on where to get these? What about travel restrictions? Do I need a leeter from an MD to bring food on a plane/ through a security check/ into another country. I think I am starting to panic and I am just 2 days in. Please help. Melissa
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