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  1. I read most of what I could find on here about traveling gluten free at Disney. I also received the information from Disney on the items available in the parks that are gluten free which is invaluable). What I was wondering is if anyone knows if they substitute foods on the kids men? When I looked at the restaurant menus on AllEarsNet.com, I noticed that most of the gluten free food is on the adult menu. I would hate to have to buy adult meals for my 3 yr old all week. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Can it also indicate intolerance to lactose? We have taken her on and off lactose thinking that was the problem and at times I would think she was getting better but then it would just come back. If she is sensitive/intolerant (not sure if there is a difference here) to gluten but not celiac does that mean we keep her off gluten but don't have to be as "vigilant" about things like cross contamination? Thanks, Kelly
  3. Positive lab results would be as follows (LabCorp): AGA IgA >4 AGA IgG >9 tTG IgA >4 tTG IgG >6 The resuls for the test did not show the actual number if it was within normal range. I will not get into the GI for 8 weeks unless there is a cancellation which is very common. They said it should only take 2-3 weeks.
  4. My 3 yr old has had GI issues for a while now. Our doctor ran the celiac panel and the results were: Antigliadin IgA = <4 Antigliadin IgG = 11 (high) tTG IgA = <4 tTG IgG = <6 endomysial Antibody IgA = negative Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum = 189 (high) Her pediatrician said to go ahead and take her off gluten and make an appt with a GI specialist. She has been gluten free now for 4 days and I am already seeing major changes in her bm - for the better. Her tummy aches and gas have disappeared. We have not had a tantrum in 3 days and this is big for her. Is the IgG enough for a gluten intolerance diagnosis? Thank you, Kelly
  5. My 3 year old daughter had the bloodwork done for Celiac disease. The pediatrician called Friday to say that one of the three came back with a very high result. The other two were fine. She said the one that was high is the one that put more weight in but it is not conclusive that she has Celiac - more testing would be needed. She also said to go ahead and remove gluten from her diet and make an appointment with a specialist. I cannot get in to see the specialist for 8 weeks. If she is gluten free for 8 weeks, will they be able to complete any testing accurately? Does it matter? I cetainly do not want to do eight more weeks of damage if she has Celiac but would also like to know if she does have it. Her symptoms seem to say she does - BM many times a day & very light colored with specs of white, always has a tummy ache, loads of stinky gas, has not gained any weight in 9 months even though she eats continually although she has grown 3 inches, very cranky, tired all the time even though she sleeps solid 12-13 hours a day. Any thoughts? Kelly
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