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  1. He did decide not to get the meal plan for this upcoming school year because he felt there wasn't enough variety in the dining areas for it to be worth it. He also decided to get a single room on campus so he wouldn't have to worry about cross contamination. I'll let him know about your post tomorrow so he can give you more info.
  2. I had a problem with the doctors I went to with getting them to order the serologic panel so I went to an online lab that had the test and ordered one through them. Has anyone here taken the test from an online lab before? Was curious as to if I'm wasting my money on it or not. But that may be an option for Ellie2 if she has no luck with getting her doctor to run the test.
  3. That's great about the PF Chang's arriving there. Figures right after we find out we have to move to Ohio. But yeah, that was the Chili's in FWB. I've gotten into printing out their gluten-free menu from their website to bring in with me to save the waitress/waiter from having to locate the menu there. Since most of the family seems to be having problems finding doctors who are willing to test for celiac disease, most just gave up and went on the diet since there was a remarkable improvement in how they felt on the diet. My sister-in-law was on the diet for 2 weeks before deciding to sneak some toast right before a trip...big mistake on her part. Let's say now she's convinced she has it. My husband has been doing well on the diet as well but hasn't been officially diagnosed. My son and I are the only ones who's been fighting with the doctors for the testing. My son went on the diet since spring break and has done extremely well on it. But now him and I are eating gluten for the testing we keep pushing for since he's out for summer break. The only bloodwork we could get the doc to run was the CBC and such. So I went to a lab online and ordered the celiac disease screening kit through them and then once we get all those results in, assuming they come back positive, push for the biopsy. It's amazing how reluctant docs are to test for it and how little they know about it. I had to laugh when one PA pulled out a medical book that only contained about 2 paragraphs of information on it and said she doubted I had it since it was rare. I said, "Yeah, I guess 1 in 130 people would be a bit rare but I would like to be tested any way." I don't think she liked me after that. Or maybe it was after I corrected her in front of the nurse about how it wasn't a wheat only problem after she told me I could still drink beer and such since it didn't contain wheat. Needless to say, I haven't gone back to her again.
  4. This weekend, my spouse started feeling sick again and had a rash on his arms. He hadn't cheated on his diet so we were looking all around for the culprit. Late last night I was reading the article about the pet food with the bad wheat gluten. This weekend my spouse has been taking care of a friends dogs while his friend took his family on a trip this weekend. I told him to check the ingredients on the dog bag and sure enough, loaded with wheat flour and gluten. Glad his friend gets back today. Not sure if your mom has any pets but thought I would throw that possibility out there. Our dog eats a corn based dog food. She's been on a wheat free diet longer than we've been on a gluten free diet.
  5. I'll let him know. Thanks!
  6. My son's name is Michael. I'll have to let him know about Bret though. Right now my son is feeling like he's the only one there having to be careful of what he eats.
  7. Hi from Crestview. I have a son at FSU whom we're pretty sure has celiac disease and will be tested when he comes home this summer. Though I don't know how that will work out since we went ahead and started him on the gluten-free diet. His fatigue and brain fog was interferring too much with his studies not to mention the constant stomach pains after eating. He's been on the diet now for two weeks and feels great. We're hoping to see some weight gain as well. At 5'11 and only weighing 115, he could use the extra weight. His aunt is in the process of getting tested as well. We have 5 people in our family (aunts, uncles, grand parents) who all have been told they have either Crohn's Disease, IBS, and one who was told his bouts of D was from the result of nerve damage caused from his back surgery. As for eating out, we usually head to Ft Walton Beach. The Panda Resturant on the beach is okay, we usually do the Mongolian grill there. I'm worried about the possibility of cross contamination but so far we haven't had any problems. We also ventured out to Chili's which was a wonderful experience. We walked in and asked the waitress for their gluten-free menu. With a clueless look on her face, she informed us she had no idea what that is. lol She got the Asst. Manager and he came out totally unaware that Chili's had a gluten-free menu as well. So I mentioned it was on their web site, and he went in the back and printed out the menu for us. He then sat down with us to learn more about celiac disease and asked if there was any other measures he needed to take in the meal preparation besides the usual steps to avoid cross contamination. He brought out the meal to us himself to make sure everything was as needed. The presentation was wonderful and the food was great. The Asst. Manager, Jarrod (hopefully spelled right), said he would keep the menu handy for when we returned. My son says the Pollo Tropical on the campus at FSU is good. He just tells them to leave off the bread. As for Jacksonville, they do have a PF Changs there. I've been hearing good things about their gluten-free menu. I have a sis that lives out that way so we've been checking restaurants that way for when my son visits her. Sorry for my killer long post here.
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