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  1. Our doctor told us that our son was tested for genetic markers DQ8 and DQ2 and because the test was negative (he did not have these markers) he absolutely can not have celiac disease. Has anybody had this test? How much of a guarantee is this test?
  2. Hello Team Young, I have asked this same question on this board. My son is 16 moths old and suffers from all of the common celiac symptoms. He has responded very well to a gluten free diet. The one consistent answer I have gotten regarding blood work is a negative test means nothing. We had a negative test and will test again in two months after we re-introduce him to gluten. I
  3. Ok, the test results, based off of blood work, for our 16 month old came back negative. The Dr. wants us to stay on the gluten free foods for about 2 months and then introduce him to gluten again. At that point, he will do another blood test. If this test comes back negative, there is a very good chance he does not have celiac. I know one thing, no negative testing, regarding this intolerance, is definitive. This is the way I understand it, and please let me know if any body agrees or does not agree. They are testing for two antigens, DRQ2 or DRQ8. Neither of these were found in the last panel, but he had been on a gluten free diet for about 3 or 4 weeks. The next test will come after he has been introduced to gluten again. If he does have celiac disease, he should produce one of these antibodies that attaches to the gluten and causes damage to the small intestine. This would cause a positive result in the next test which would mean he probably does have celiac. Has anybody out there gone through this procedure with their children? If so, has anybody had a negative result on the second test and their child still show an intolerance to gluten? Thanks for reading, Billy
  4. I know how you feel. But because our son is not old enough to tell us how he feels and, most importantly, because it takes so long to heal from the damage celiac causes we will not take him off of the diet for a long time. I
  5. My son is 15 months old and he had the same symptoms as your child. Diarrhea, vomiting, and a bloated stomach. Did they do an endoscope and biopsy? Or just blood work? The biopsy is what pointed to my sons celiac dx, and it took about two weeks on a firm gluten free diet for him to start feeling better. He was also up at all times throughout the night crying. With the new diet, he now sleeps peacefully through the night. The nutritionist told us the first thing we would notice is his stomach would go
  6. Hello mothermayiamof2!! I am new also, my son was diagnosed a couple of months ago and after our consultation with the nurse practitioner my wife was in tears over our sons intolerance. However, after time, Momma Goose is right, eating gluten free foods is better for her and she will feel so much better after you free her from gluten. Have you been tested yet? I was told by others the parents should be screened.
  7. I agree, if our kids are meant to be small then great, but if there is a health problem effecting my child
  8. Wow that is frustrating. Unfortunately I get the feeling from most daycares they only care for the protection of our children because they don
  9. Hello all, my 1 year old was diagnosed about a month ago and my wife and I were in complete shock. After the endoscopy came back clear, our doctor mentioned the possibility of celiac when the biopsy was studied.
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