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  1. Good point, Jessica :-) However, I don't even know if I have celiac yet! Blood test came back in normal ranges. Still need a colon. but need to wait to get insurance reinstated before I can even think about doing that:-0 I'm doing the best I can right now based on the conclusions of the elimination diet. So let me ask you this question, is it possible to NOT have celiac but still have a gluten sensitivity. In that case, I wonder if the reaction, even though it's not celiac, is still capable of causing significant damage. Hmmm, may wanna write that one down for the doc too.
  2. I haven't had any issues with oats. I don't think I'm sensitive to small amounts of gluten. I guess I have to have a moderate amount to experience symptoms. So far with the elimination diet, I discovered I am able to tolerate oats. Just not bread, cereal, biscuits etc. Of course I haven't gotten myself all figured out yet, but I am working on it :-) The muffins turned out good. I forgot to write sugar and cinnamon in my recipe above. Oops. They were a lot more moist using the gluten-free flour. I may need to reduce the liquid. The flavor was different, not bad just different. And they filled us up. Everybody had just one muffin. That's unusual! Just thought I would share! i think it would definetly worth it to try this recipe with the xanthan or guar and see how it turns out. I'm happy now, I had my muffins:-)
  3. Here is the recipe I am trying to modify. It has a lot, a lot of liquid. I've only made it with regular flour. Its a heavy muffin so maybe it would hold together. I don't know though. 1 cup reg flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 cup oats 1/4 cup flax seed 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup yogurt 1 egg 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup of milk, orange juice or other juice 1 cup of applesauce or pumpkin puree or mashed banana 1/2 or 1 cup of any kind of fruit. Berries(frozen or dried), raisins, chopped apples, tangerines etc 1/4 to 1/2 cup of walnuts or any kind of nut or seed I'll be replacing just the white and wheat flour. I do okay with oats.
  4. Okay, so I travel like 20 or 30 miles yesterday to go to whole foods market and get some gluten free stuf. I got an all purpose gluten-free baking mix (bobs red mill) and now I find out I need xanthan or guar gum to make everything hold together:-( I just wanna make muffins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whaaaaa! What's a gal to do! Rebecca
  5. All my test are within normal range! But I had a hot dog bun last night and my stomache had a slight ache in the middle of the night. So, I may not have a diagnosible disease per se, but I don't think my body likesgluten! I'm going for two weeks gluten free and then three days with it to see what my reaction is. I'd be more than happy to eat nothing but fruits, vegetable, seeds and nuts, lean meats, dairy and grains without gluten if it means I'll feel better! Just wanted to let you all know. Thanks to everyone for responding to my questions over the past few days! By the way, Jerry. I love your post script quote in your sig line.
  6. I had my tests done on Tuesday and I am hoping I hear the results today....On one hand it would be really great to NOT have celiac but then on the other, if I do have it, at least there is something very simple and concrete I can do to make the tummy pain go away! I did really good yesterday and the day before and didn't eat gluten anything. As far as I know. Tummy has felt pretty good but I will tell you what I am amazed about. I didn't need as much sleep last night as I usually do. I woke up this morning feeling pretty darned refreshed. Imagine that. I figure if I DON'T have celiac, I will probably give the gluten free diet a go anyway. Just to see how I feel. But there would be wiggle room for the times when I can't stick to it faithfully. But if I DO have it, then I will be diligent about my diet. Honestly, I don't think it will be all that hard to stick to a gluten-free diet. Over the past few days I have eaten a huge variety of foods. And I feel pretty good. Anyway, just wanted to throw my thoughts out there. I guess I am just anxious about getting my results back and I don't want to drive my family crazy talking about gluten free this or that! :-) Rebecca
  7. Well, I had the blood celiac panel done, along with some nutrient/vitamin panels and a thyroid panel. Just have to wait for the results to get in. As I have been reading on the board, I have noticed a lot of people with celiac tend to have bowel issues. I do not have bowel issues. The pain that I feel is entirely in my upper gastric region. Sometimes its dull and sometimes its sharp enough to wake me up in the morning at 3am scrambling in the dark for pain relievers. Its not heartburn, just a dull, or sharp, pain in my gut. Now, when I got a clue that I might be gluten intolerant, I started noting my reactions after eating gluten. Eating a lot of bread with dinner will lead to a major ouch for me in the middle of the night. Eating a granola bar will lead to mild stomach pain about a half hour after eating. But if I eat something without gluten, no noticeable stomach pain. I just find it odd that I don't have any bowel symptoms. Just pain in the stomach with maybe a slight bloated feeling and some gas (as in burping). I was simply wondering if there are any of you out their that have these types of symptoms without the diahhrea, etc? Also, I wanted to mention that simple ulcer meds in the past haven't helped much. Also, when I get the pain, eating a little somthing does not make it go away, it only makes it worse. And I have experimented with eliminating dairy. Still had the pain. Just curious........
  8. I've worked in a few restaurants as a waitress and I can tell you that the BEST thing to do is TALK TO A MANAGER AHEAD OF TIME. Quite frequently waitstaff is not well versed in exactly WHAT is in the dishes. "What is in the salad" can frequently lead to the response "Uh, lettuce, carrots, I think some cucumbers...." So talk to a manager. They HAVE to know the dishes in case they have to cook them! Sometimes restaurants are "up" on training their staff and sometimes not. Call ahead of time, explain your situation and ask what his/her suggestions would be. Now that being said, the LAST thing you want to do is go in last minute and spring this on a server. They may not know the dishes and have to go get the manager. WHich SHOULD be standard protocal for food allergies anyway but that isn't always the case. It is not so big a deal with a small party but for a large party it can slow down the service to the whole table. Its not a matter of you being a pain in the butt, it is just a matter of the literal time it takes to track down a manager (those buggers can move fast), tell them to go to the table, but first he has to finish the void he's working on and the lady at table ten who's not happy with the way her steak was cooked. Then after the manager figures out what you can have, it takes time to key the order in. Which takes a while for large parties anyway. Here is one more thing you need to do. When you talk to the manager ahead of time and decide what dishes you can choose from, tell the server ANYWAY "I have a gluten allergy and I have decided on XYZ after talking to a manager. Could you please make sure it is noted on the kitchen order that I do have a food allergy." That is just one extra layer of protection to make sure they don't put any breadcrumbs on the dish that you so carefully selected! One more thing, about the cake. Heres what you say "Yum that looks good! But you know what, I could really go for some ice cream (or insert other dessert)! Could you bring me vanilla!?!" Good luck! :-)
  9. Thanks Momma Goose! I have a print out from celiac.org about the blood tests needed. I think they listed four. I'll check back to see what others have to chime in about before I call the doc.
  10. Can a family physcian or general practice doctor order the blood tests to screen for celiac disease or do I need to go to a GI for that? Rebecca
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