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  1. ...aaand I just realized I probably posted this in the wrong place, and I should maybe re-post it. But I would still definitely appreciate responses.
  2. I just went to a GI specialist who wants to do an endoscopy because my bloodwork was 'borderline' on celiacs. He says I need to eat gluten for the next three weeks until I get the endoscopy. Now, I KNOW I feel better when I avoid gluten, but I do want to get good results because Crohns disease also runs in the family and I want to be sure of what I do and do not have. I have been wheat free for about 2 months now, and mostly gluten free for about 2 weeks. There's probably no good answer to this, but I was wondering if theres some way of determining how much gluten you have to eat for the test to yield good results. I'd like to eat the bare minimum if there is one. What to do...
  3. I'm afraid to go back home now whenever I have time off from school. Here at college, my room mate and I keep an immaculately clean kitchen and she knows that we should use separate cookware since I've gone gluten free. At my parent's house, I have a really hard time communicating the fact that this is necessary. My mom offers to cook gluten free meals for me, but I'm afraid to eat what she makes because their kitchen is just not clean enough. They do ALOT of baking and theres flour dust everywhere (which I never noticed before the gluten free diet, of course). I glutened myself after trying to bake there for the first time. I try to make them more aware of the situation, but I feel like a broken record. I think my sisters just think I'm melodramatic and paranoid. Any advice on how to communicate your needs? Are there any good books I can provide my family with?
  4. I was wondering, has anyone had a history of sleep paralysis before going gluten free? I've been reading about the neurological problems associated with celiacs, but haven't found anything about this problem specifically. I started getting it consistently when I was fifteen. Now I'm curious to see if it will subside once I am completely gluten free.
  5. Hi, this is my first post. I'm an art student, twenty-one years of age, wondering whether some things I've been experiencing are symptoms of celiacs or something more complicated. I am not a stranger to food allergies. At age ten I tested positive for allergies to wheat, peanuts, dairy, shellfish, &other. This is why I'm not surprised that I could also have celiacs. I have questions about the symptoms and the causes, and would appreciate any information. My research has turned up some confusing results and my doctor wasn't entirely helpful. I would like to know as much as I can before I try to get a biopsy, as that requires time and money. For approximately one year now I have had rashes (sortof circular and amoeba-like in nature) on the tops of my hands, and some places on my arms. It does not look like DH, more like pictures I've seen of atopic dermatitis. I have also been seeing an alarming amount of blood in my stool lately. Two years ago I saw a doctor and mentioned that on occasion I would see some blood, and he told me it could be internal hemorrhoids. My lifestyle would seem to promote anything but the occurrence of internal hemorrhoids, however, and I have never been treated for them. As it has become increasingly worse, a week ago I saw another doctor. She informed me that bleeding bowels could mean celiacs disease, so she took a blood sample. I'm hoping that someone can tell me if these symptoms are fairly common or a sign of something more severe. I have not heard from the doctor yet, but I would like to see what happens if I avoid gluten. I have heard it is a bad idea to do this before an official diagnosis, but I would have to wait at least a month to get a biopsy. If theres a chance that I'm greatly damaging my body by consuming gluten, I would rather go without until I know for sure.
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