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  1. I don't think I could over come the temptation to use the medicine and eat like normal. I'm seriously chomping at the bit to revisit my favorite beer and pizza pub. I've been a good girl the last 7 years and totally avoided anything more than a little soy sauce now and then but I've never really lost my taste for all things glutenous. I'm going to eat it all . . . Twinkies, KitKats, Cowstails, Rootbeer, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, Oreo's, Carrot Cake, Wonderbread, fried fish sandwiches, Veggie burgers, Arbys fries, zuchini bread, croutons, gingerbread men, Rits crackers, biscuits and applebutter, not to mention eating out at restaurants, parties, festivals and friends homes. I'm going to put on a little weight I think. Ellie
  2. I had two laps done for endometriosis. I felt a lot better after the first one but still couldn't get pregnant. When my endo symptoms came back 2 years later I did some research before I went under again. I learned that abdominal surgery can cause inflammation and adhesions. The endometriosis also causes adhesions. So, I wasn't getting pregnant because my tubes were all kinked up from lots of adhesions. Surgeons can use special adhesion barriers that prevent this from happening. My surgeon zapped all the endometriosis away, cleaned up all the terrible adhesions, straightened out my tubes, and then wrapped everything in adhesion barriers. Adhesion barriers are like gauze pads that melt into a lubricating gel that keeps tissue from getting irritated while it heals from the lazers. This worked great but I still didn't get pregnant right away. The biggest and most important thing for me was taking baby aspirin once in the morning and again before bed. Once a day is not enough. Both the endometriosis and the celiac's disease cause really bad inflammation in the pelvis and abdomin. Once the aspirin got the inflammation under control I got pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy. This all took about 5 years. Also, it's important to watch out for two more serious Celiac related conditions that can cause infertility. I just found out with some blood work with my current pregnancy that I have a secondary condition called thrombophilia. Mine is caused by a protein S difficency and may have been the cause of several early misscarriages. The aspirin also helps with this condition but since I'm pregnant (a baby girl due in July) I have to take daily blood thinner injections. Also, I have blood sugar issues from a borderline case of diabetis. Uncontroled diabetis or insulin resistance can cause PCOS or irregular ovulation. After this baby is born I'm going to seriously consider a hysterectomy too. Best of luck to you.
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