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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I haven't been able to visit much in a while, life's been crazy. But, I wanted to say hi to everyone, I hope you're all doing well. And, thank you so much for all of your advice, encouragement, and help. Daniel just got insurance, so he's going to see the dr. soon and get his bloodwork done. He's been eating gluten, and everything's just like it used to be. I just hate that this is "normal" for him. So, hopefully soon we'll be gluten-free again. I'm hoping it will be easier the 2nd time around, I have so much more information now than I did then. Emms, Your boyfriend is lucky to have such a caring person in his life. I know it can be really overwhelming, I was just addicted to this site at first, there's so much you can learn from all of the wonderful people here. I would suggest just reading through all that you can on this forum, post whatever questions you have, and try to stick with the foods your bf already eats that are naturally gluten free. You'll be surprised at the "normal" foods he can eat that contain no gluten. NoGluGirl has been immensely helpful to me in supplying great food ideas. And, I haven't tried them all, but Kinnickinick bread is the best gluten-free bread there is. You can order it online (I can't find it in any stores here in AZ), and it's a bit more expensive than grocery store bread, but definitely worth it. I don't have a ton of experience with living gluten-free, but am more than willing to share what I've learned. Please let me know if you need anything. Thanks, and good luck to you both. Sami
  3. I came across this website when looking for a banana bread recipe: http://www.cookingbread.com/gluten-free-br...ead-recipe.html Has anyone tried the recipes on this site? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!!!
  4. Wow, thank you all for your advice. I'm glad Daniel decided to freeze everything. Except for the cookies, which he ate all of in about 3 days! We also got blueberry muffins, bread and hamburger/hot dog buns, so I hope those are good. We have yet to try them. I placed my order on the 8th, and it arrived on the 13th. I think it took so long because I ordered it on a Sunday, and Easter Sunday at that. Do their bagels and english muffins taste anything like "regular" bagels and english muffins? I'm afraid to try them because I'm worried that even if they're good they'll taste completely different and Daniel won't like them. Thanks again for everyone's input!!!
  5. I received my first order of Kinnickinnick products, and it says on the box to freeze the items. I'm just wondering if this is necessary. Will their products spoil easily/quickly? Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks for your help!!!!
  6. Hello! It's so nice to be back! Two thoughts were constantly running through my mind throughout my trip: Is Daniel doing ok/eating gluten/starving to death because there's no gluten-free food in the house and he can't figure out what to buy??? and What posts am I mising on the forum??? I actually had a decent time, and Daniel did perfectly fine without me! He got the Kinnickinnick delivery while I was gone, so that worked out perfectly. And, he went to the grocery store and bought himself some gluten-free items. So, that's a relief! Also, while I was gone he got a script for a Celiac blood panel!!! (see my post from today in the Pre-Diagnosis forum) I talked to Daniel this morning, and he told me that he was bored while I was gone, so one day he picked up "Dangerous Grains" [which I just "happened" to leave lying around... ] and he read most of it. I am soooo glad he did this. I really think if he does some of his own reading-up on this he will feel more of a sense of the seriousness of it all, and be able to identify more with others with this disease. He started talking about how over the weekend he was noticing how angry and irritable he was feeling because he just couldn't eat what he was hungry for. Then, he showed me a paragraph in the book that discusses the withdrawal symptoms one might experience when first going gluten-free, and he said he laughed when he read it because it described him perfectly (with the exception of shortness of breath). So, I'm glad he's taking more of an interest in learning more about the disease, and I'm glad (although I wish it weren't so) he is able to identify with some of the things in the research. It's nice to know it's not just all in my head, and hopefully we're on our way to a full recovery! It's so nice that our families are starting to come around. What Daniel's brother did for him just makes me love and appreciate his family even more. And, I was surprised to hear my mom (the most skeptical, anti-doctors person ever) tell me that she was in a grocery store and saw a ton of books there on gluten-free! It's so nice to know that although they may not completely understand or agree with everything we're doing, they're at least on our side. Being gone (even for such a short time) and coming home to Daniel really makes me see how much I love and appreciate him. I really want to make sure we do what's right for him, so he can be happy and healthy for the rest of his life. If there's one thing I learned on my trip, it's NEVER TAKE DANIEL TO CHICAGO! It's a gluten metropolis!!! Sami
  7. I figured this would happen, but there was really no way around it. I just need some advice about what to do... I suggested to Daniel, after doing a ton of research, that he might be gluten-intolerant. He wasn't thrilled with the idea, but eventually wanted to try going gluten-free, to see if he would notice any changes. He wasn't able to go to the doctor right away to try for testing because he doesn't have medical insurance. So, about a week and a half ago, we started eating gluten-free, and already he's noticed a difference. We're both really glad we decided to give it a try. Daniel's brother Mike works at a hospital (as a respiratory therapist, I think), and discussed this whole ordeal with a doctor he knows, and the doctor wound up giving Mike a script for Daniel for a Celiac blood panel. We were so excited! So, we're just going to have to pay for the blood work, which we should be able to handle, especially since Mike said he'd help pay for the testing! Mike is such a great guy, we're soo lucky to have him. I'm so glad at least someone in Daniel's family is taking this seriously and is willing to help! So, here is the problem...Daniel's been gluten-free for about a week and a half now, not too long. But, he has noticed a difference. He's not thrilled about the idea of eating gluten from now until his test (although he's excited to have bread and fast food!) because he's already getting through some of the withdrawal-like symptoms, and getting used to eating gluten-free, and doesn't want to have to go through it all over again. But, he is willing to do it if it's going to make the test more accurate. But my question is, is a week and a half or two weeks enough to make a test inaccurate? If he can get in by then end of this week, will he still have the antibodies in his blood from two weeks ago? Or, should we put the test off for a couple weeks and load up on the gluten?? After reading so many of your stories, I knew this was a possibility. I realize that a blood test is not the final say, if it comes out negative. I just know that it would be easier for Daniel to strictly follow a gluten-free diet if he has an official diagnosis. Plus, I think for both of us, the effort of it all will seem more worthwhile, and less like something we're just trying out if there's an official diagnosis. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your wonderful support. Sami
  8. Just fyi, I contacted Borden to see if the American singles were gluten-free, and the girl I spoke with told me ALL of their cheese products are gluten-free!!!! Of course, this means nothing if you're also dairy-free But, good to know if you're not (or if Daniel and I ever eat dairy again!) Sami
  9. Hahaha that's awesome! Maybe she should try gluten-free!! That's great! Thanks for the info on Envirokids! Sami
  10. Daniel and I haven't tried them yet, but I've heard mention of Envirokids cereal. There's a health/supplement store about 2 minutes (walking) from my work, and I stopped in there today to find out if they have any gluten-free vitamins I could get for Daniel (the girl working there was VERY unhelpful...I don't think she knows what gluten is, she seemed somewhat confused) and on my way out, I saw the Envirokids cereal!! I'm so excited to try it! Does anyone know, are all flavors of that brand gluten-free? And, are there any you wouldn't recommend? This is an excellent thread!!
  11. NoGluGirl, Oh, that's so helpful!!!!!!! Daniel just loves candy and chocolate, so he's going to be thrilled!!! Honestly, if you were my only resource, I'd be fine! You're a fountain of information. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me such valuable information. You, and this entire forum has just been such a blessing!!! Thanks for the update on previously listed products. I'll definitely go through my lists and cross those ones out. Luckily we haven't bought any of the Hormel Au Jus or Lays. We have had some baked Tostitos, they were left over from before we went gluten-free, but I'll toss those. He'll just have to make do with the stax. I did check out the gluten free in sd site, and I thought it was great. I found a link there to sparkrecipes.com and found a ton of gluten-free recipes!!! Some of them actually weren't completely gluten-free, but they could be easy to change, and there were a ton that actually used no gluten-containing products! I was excited about that. Thanks again for all the great info. Sincerely, Sami
  12. NoGluGirl, It's good to know he's not the only one to feel that way! I'll let him know that it's common, and he might feel a little better about it. He does like apples, so I'll make sure he gets enough of those. I'm not sure about the plums, I'll have to ask him. Thanks for the warning about psyllium husk, I would have never known! I think we're going to try to take care of it naturally, and see if he starts feeling more normal. And, if that doesn't work, we'll discuss a supplement. Thanks so much for all of your help! Sami
  13. Felidae, I'm glad you've now figured it out! This is pretty tough to get the hang of. Some things that seem like they should be naturally gluten-free aren't, and vice versa. It's really frustrating at times! Hopefully it gets easier with time. I'm so glad I could help! Take care, Sami
  14. Awesome! That's so great! Thanks for the recipe, I'm definitely going to try. The help I receive from everyone on this forum never ceases to amaze me!!! Sami
  15. Interesting... I don't see that there is a Sunflower Market near me (according to their website). There is, however, a Wild Oats market not too far from my work! I live in the Phoenix area, and work downtown. I'm excited to check it out!! I've got to go to Sprouts! I didn't realize the Glutino had those types of products available. Daniel will love to try some gluten-free mac'n cheese!!! I ordered the white sandwich bread from Kinnickinnick, should be here in a couple of days, I'll let you know what we think. Hopefully it will be good news Thanks for the great info! Sami
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