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  1. Always send them 10 to 25c more than required. That cost them to notify you each month that you are over and sometimes they have to even refund it to you.
  2. How about the theme to "MASH". Suicide is painless, it last through all the ages. Bad Bad! or Bad Bad Leroy Brown, badest man in the who d.... town. Had a brother named Reathel, gave him a good bottle of wine for a holiday with a card that said Unkl Weebles Wobbles, but He don't Fall Down.
  3. I have just recently been diagnoised with gluten intolerance. Three weeks into gluten-free and elimination of other allergic foods and I felt terrific. Now I can really see the difference between how I did feel and how I feel now. I can also really tell when I have accidentally eaten something I should not have eaten. This morning, about 3 hrs ago started with sever cramps in upper abdomine and colon spasms. I need to find a good doctor in the northern metropolitian areas of Atlanta. Can anyone help?
  4. It is not just family and friends, but I had a doctor who was told that I have anaphaltic reactions to penicillin, gave it to me anyway. Since it was under another name and I was new in town, the pharmacist did not catch it and I did not know until I have a major reaction that lasted over 2 weeks with an emergency room visit for breathing difficulty and hives. His reaction when I told him was to say, "most patients just think they are allergic and don't know for sure." We we know for sure!
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