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  1. I too have low iron levels and my Dr suggested that I take ferrous sulfate 325 mg 3x a day. Slow Fe is gluten free, however, Fesol contains gluten. Check ingredients before using.
  2. You might want to consider your shampoo/conditioner and face wash. I have switched my personal care products to gluten-free products and I have noticed a huge differerance in my skin texture. My hair is also starting to grow back and my scalp is less sensitive. Just a suggestion...
  3. I don't know if this is normal but I have the same thing happening to me. I have been gluten free since February 28th 2007 and I am still having the "flank pain". It flares up about once a week and I have been very worried that something is wrong with my kidney on my right side. I am very happy to hear that someone else gets the same pain. I am trying to figure out if another food allergy/sensitivity is causing the pain. Keep me up to date on what you find out. Thanks Marisa
  4. Hey Adam, Thanks for the info. I will be in town on Thurs till Monday. I will staying in Metairie, so, if you can think of any restaurants in the area...that would be fabulous!!!! We are staying with friends (non celiac's) and I just know they are going to want to go out to eat and I don't want to be a drag for them. Also- can you steer me towards some "gluten free" N'Awlins drinks. I dont drink beer- so that is not a problem. I really want to do the tourist thing and get a hurricane at Pat O's...are they gluten-free safe? Thanks for your help! Marisa
  5. Hey Cleveland Bob, Yes I do have a whole paycheck down the street from my house. I am planning on bringing stuff to eat along the way, however, I was just hoping that maybe there was a restaurant out there that was safe. I will be with 3-6 none celiac's and I know they are going to want to go out around town. Thanks for the advice. MarisaB
  6. Hey, I am going to Jazz Fest next weekend in New Orleans and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for Restaurants. This will be my first gluten free (I hope) trip and I was just wondering if any of you have any places that you would recommend? I also was wondering if any of ya'll have any suggestions for food that is festival friendly food items. The event is going to let me bring in my own food, however, I have never done this before and I am not sure what to pack. Help!!! Thanks MarisaB
  7. I think that maybe the San-J's was giving me some trouble. I have since decided to stay away from it. I am feeling better this last week...not sure if it is becuase I cut out the soy sauce or the kettle chips.
  8. Hi Everyone, I will be heading to New Orleans next weekend for Jazz Fest and I was just wondering if any of ya'll had restaurant recomendations for dinner (in the Quarter). This is going to be my 1st gluten free vacation/ music festival. I have contacted the venue and they are willing to let me bring food in so, if you have any suggestions with that issue (what to bring, how to pack, easy snacks)... that would be great. Thanks! MarisaB
  9. Hey Suz- Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. Thanks for the tips for my "sweet tooth". Carob has been a life saver for me. Just a few carob covered raisins do the trick. For now, I am staying away from potato chips and anything fried. I have gotten the hang of cooking dinner...but lunch is still hard. Eating out is impossible and I am having nightmares about being glutened! This is crazy! I keep hearing that this will become easier, but it is so overwhelming. As for Az. I am from Gilbert, Az. A town just 30 min south east of Phoenix. I currently live in Austin, Tx but my family is scattered around Arizona. I had a lot of friends that went to NAU. It is a beautiful town. I miss the Arizona sunsets. Nothing compares!!! (not in my mind at least) M-
  10. Susanna, Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. I really appreciate the info about the skittles and starbursts. That does help. I get cravings for sweets and everything has milk or chocolate in it so, I am usually left without. I am also having a difficult time finding milk free carob, so being able to grab a packet of these once in a while is great! I really appreciate the list of food ideas. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and simple recipe ideas just excape me. Thanks for the help. P.S. Are you in or from Arizona? I'm curious because of the Grand Canyon photo you have posted. I am from Arizona Marisa
  11. Well, I'm really relieved to hear that I am not the only one having issues. Noglugirl, thanks for the list. That is going to be really helpful for me when I go to the store. Getting familiar with the brands that are gluten free is hard. I spend so much time reading labels/ingredients at the store. You saved me a few hours with that list. Thank you! Guhlia, BamBam and Madi, thanks for the info about the chips. I didn't realize some of them had milk in them. I am really allergic to milk so that probably sent me over the edge. I guess it is a good thing that I am learning something new everyday. Thanks for all your help! MarisaB
  12. Thank you all for the information. I guess maybe it was the chips. I'm gonna stay away from them just in case. Cuervo, you are right- this is really frusterating. The first two weeks of being gluten free was great! After that it has been a rollercoaster ride. I feel great, I feel like crap, I feel great...ect. It is really hard to find the "small, sneaky gluten". It just pisses me off when I am being so careful and then I get sick! I know one of these days it will get easier, but right now I don't think my body can take anymore. OHHHH! Ok, I'm gonna stop complaining now. I just needed to vent a little. Thanks everyone for your advice. I really need it and really appreciate it. Marisa
  13. Thanks for the reply. I have learned alot so far. You are right about it the message boards making it easier. That is all I can hope for right now.
  14. Hi, I'm a newly diagnosed Celiac and I'm at a total loss. I have been reading/absorbing all I can and I am still finding it overwhelming. I have just found out that I am not only a celiac but I also am allergic to milk protien, chocolate, and walnuts. I believe there are a multitude of other food allergens...I am just having a hard time figuring out what they are. I have been feeling great for the last week or so and then this weekend I got really sick. I was having a hard time figuring out if I had a virus or if I got glutened. The symptoms are the same for me. (Fatigued, muscle & joint pain, "D", every time I eat my stomach goes crazy). This has happened 2x's in the last two weeks. The only two things I can come up with are: 1. Kettle Chips- Sea Salt & Vinegar 2. San J's- Soy Sauce -No wheat Does anyone else have a problem with either of these items? Thank you, Marisa
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