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  1. anonymical7: I love how you describe this feeling. I have a one-two punch, being gluten sensitive (not technically a celiac) as well as dealing with neurological Lyme disease (which often go hand-in-hand), and my feeling is so similar to yours. It has been my biggest complaint, and so hard to describe! Thanks for putting words to the feeling... My question: what is it about the soy that bothered you? Was it just the wheat within the sauce, or do you avoid soy as well? Thanks!
  2. "There are other things that cause brain fog, too, so if the gluten-free diet doesn't help, please keep looking until you find the cause." Thank you, I appreciate it. At the very least, I may have a wheat allergy, becuase I feel a tiny bit better after one week. And I did not realize you had to be eating gluten to be tested! Since I am already in one week, I will continue eating gluten-free for a while to see my results. If questionable, I will look at testing. Thanks again!
  3. Other symptoms are countless, everything from problems with balance and nerve conduction, hair loss, tooth enamel problems, fibro type discomfort, arthritis, severe PMS, infertility, skin problems of many kinds, mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenic type problems. It can cause or be linked to problems with gallbladder, pancreas, circulatory system. Many doctors think of celiac as only a GI problem but in reality it is a whole body toxin. Thanks, this helps a lot. I am glad to hear that you were finally properly diagnosed.
  4. Hello all! Nice to meet you. I have ended up on this message board after years of searching for a cure for my severe brain fog. I notice many of you mention brain fog as a problem. I have not been diagnosed as a celiac, nor do I have any intestinal symptoms. However, I just have this gut feeling that if I stop eating gluten, my problem will clear. My question: Is it possible to have celiac disease WITHOUT any of the intestinal symptoms? What other symptoms might appear? Thanks so much in advance for all of your great replies.
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