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  1. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and need to be tested for GD. Is the Glucola gluten-free? I'm a bit worried about drinking the stuff because I don't eat a lot of sugar normally and have heard horror stories that I'll get very sick from it.
  2. Did anyone start a Tallahassee or FSU Facebook page? I just did a search and couldn't find anything.
  3. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I'm in Raleigh and have been here pre and post-diagnosis. I frequent PF Chang's, Outback, Carrabba's, Ted's Montana Grill, and Bonefish. I'm very disappointed that Outback and Carrabba's are NOT open for lunch. I've also been able to safely eat at Stonewood Grill and Red Lobster, although they don't specifically have gluten-free menus. There are several Whole Foods locations in the area -- Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill. It's wonderful to have the Whole Foods bakery here too. All of the yummy gluten-free treats are available!
  4. Where do you shop for gluten-free food? Do regular grocery stores (Albertson's and Publix) have gluten-free food? I've been spoiled with Whole Foods....
  5. I have just been accepted to a Ph.D. program at FSU, starting in January. I'm very excited, although a bit nervous because of living with Celiac. I don't know anything about Tallahassee. I've only visited Florida twice (Orlando, both times). Is there a Whole Foods or other specialty grocery store? I frequent Outback and Carrabba's for my special "eat-out nights" with friends. Any info about living gluten-free or Tallahassee in general is more than appreciated!! Guess I'm trading in my Hokie gear for some 'Noles stuff!
  6. There are a few good places to eat here in the Triangle. I have Celiac and my friend is a vegan, so we've been hunting out various places to eat. Check out: PF Chang's (has a great gluten-free menu and you can get veg things there too) Bonefish Grill (if you eat fish) Whole Foods (Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill or Durham location) -- has a great hot bar and a cold bar Red Lobster (if you eat fish) Outback (again, if you eat fish) The Whole Foods is definitely a great place to go. We're proud that Lee Tobin of the great famed Whole Foods Bakery is based out of the Chapel Hill store. Good luck to ya and enjoy your stay in NC. -Yvonne
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