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  1. Hi Marissa, the salt and pepper kettle chips have made me feel wretched sick before. They have milk in them, which many celiacs cannot digest. Almost all chips have milk and maltodextrin and natural flavoring. I've found a few flavors of Dirty brand chips to be safe. I'm in the same boat as you, I'm new to the diet and am having a lot of trouble getting everything straight. I am a vegan as well so my diet is SUPER limited. still I always mess up trying to eat when I'm away from home. The only sfe thing i can eat out is veggie sushi with my personal wheat free soy sauce. good luck and let me know what else you find out! madi
  2. Hi, I'm new to the board and want to thank everyone for the support they offer. here's my problem. I've been gluten -free for maybe 4 months now and while I've shown vast improvment I am still coping with a wide variety problems. I'm fatigued, depressed, tense, anxious, thinning hair, and still kinda funky BM's when will this stop? My roomates still eat gluten but not very much at all and I still eat out from time to time, could this be what keeps me perpetually ill? I don't know if I could decontaminate my kitchen if I tried. I licked a stamp today, does this effect anyone else? It seems like all the talk about contamination is silly, but then again maybe it would help. Any comments or advice would be really appreciated.
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