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  1. I am just getting started on this whole gluten-free / Celiac journey even though I've probably lived with Celiac for 36 years! My pancreas enzyme Lipase is elevated and I'm probably not putting out enough pancreatic enzymes. Anyone else have issues like this? How were they treated and did they resolve? Thanks!!! Jen
  2. I have had "attacks" of severe upper abdominal pain for years. Doctors have long suspected a condition called acute intermittent porphyria (something you might want to look into.) However, I am now being tested for celiac, though I have had few GI symptoms other than constipation and bloating. However, I have had bouts of anemia, gall bladder disease and am hypothyroid. It appears celiac may have been wreaking havoc on various organs while being relatively silent in my GI tract. I suspect this has been the case my whole life. Now I am wondering if I will end up with a diagnosis of both celiac and porphyria OR if the upper abdominal pain has been caused by celiac all along.
  3. Hello -- This is my first post. After 36 years of weird and random health concerns happening to me -- gallbladder disease, anemia, thyroid disease -- I heard the word celiac for the first time last week. I've done all kinds of research of course and am convinced I have it, and suspect my son does as well. Plus I learned for the first time that my grandmother "couldn't eat wheat." I've had the bloodwork done (waiting results) but am still two weeks out from the upper GI. Here's the problem: I can't seem to force myself to eat gluten. I am trying but I just look at it like it's poison and can't make myself do it. Does anyone know if 3 weeks without gluten would ruin the results of an upper GI on someone who has probably had celiac for 36 years? I assume there's no way the damage wouldn't be there after only three weeks but sure don't want to ruin a chance for diagnosis. Also, I think I have candida as a result of the celiac. I felt great for a few days after going gluten-free -- amazing actually, but not feel horrible and suspect it's a die-off from the candida, since a gluten-free diet will certainly kill off candida. Anybody have any experience with that? Thanks so much. This is all so overwhelming and I really appreciate your wisdom. Jen
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