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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have a question for you... What type of gluten-free related business would you like to see start up in your neighborhood? little_c
  3. I've been away from blogging and went in to check my entries today. I was surprised to see that my last blog was a year ago when I wrote about my first Thanksgiving after diagnosis. My, how time flies! Since this year's Thanksgiving has just ended, it's a good time to compare the experience a...
  4. Well, it's here. This will be my first holiday season going gluten-free. I took on cooking the thanksgiving dinner for 11 so I could control the gluten. That's really easier in some ways than going somewhere else. My family has been good about accommodating me, but it's hard to trust that someone...
  5. Hello again. It's been a while since I've written. I live in a land where seasons change and summer's way too short. I've been busy enjoying life outside and away from a computer (at least at home.) Work's another story. I've been diagnosed for five months now. In some ways it feels like...
  6. little_c

    Pot Luck Gluten

    Mosaics: It must be so hard to navigate all the events that children have when you and your child have celiac. I'm the only one in my family to have it, but I have two sons and they are very active. I went to a HS baseball 'banquet' this weekend, which turned out to be a dessert potluck...
  7. little_c

    Cornbread Heaven

    Thanks for the info. I shop at Whole Foods and was looking for it last time I was there, but I guess I didn't look hard enough! It's a challenge shopping with brain fog sometimes!
  8. little_c

    Cornbread Heaven

    Mosaics: That sounds good. My husband doesn't like cornbread, but I do. Now that I'm gluten-free, maybe I'll have him try this version. He might like it. BTW, where do you find xanthan gum in the grocery store? I have all the ingredients in my pantry except for that. I've...
  9. little_c

    Dentist Visit

    I had my first dentist visit since going gluten-free. It went well. All I had done was a cleaning and I informed the hygienist when I got there that I was dx'd with celiac which meant that I can't tolerate gluten. After she got the puzzled look off her face she checked the ingredients on her supplies...
  10. little_c

    Food Supply

    I've only been at this gluten-free 'diet' (or rather 'lifestyle') since April 7th. That's about three weeks. Last week was a challenge. I had extra appointments and evening events and skipped dinner a few nights because of them. There was food at a couple of the events, but I couldn't eat any...
  11. little_c

    Dietician Visit

    Another milestone in the journey into celiac world... Last week I visited the dietician as part of my post-diagnosis follow-up. (I was diagnosed on 4/6 of this year.) I was lucky. The dietician didn't know a thing about celiac. I knew more than she did just by doing research on this site...
  12. If you've read my previous blog, you know that I'm newly diagnosed. I'd like to hear from others on how you handled telling co-workers about your condition. Or, did you choose not to tell them because it's none of their business. I chose to tell mine because I've been at the same job for...
  13. Mosaics: Thanks for the advice. I have two siblings and have already encouraged them to be tested. I'll be taking my kids in soon, too. I am the first in my family to be diagnosed, so if anyone else has it, they don't know it.
  14. little_c

    Nice, Easy Breakfast

    That sounds delicious! I'm going to try it. little_c
  15. This is my first post in the gluten-free forum. Please bear with me while I get familiar with the controls. (in case it posts twice or something.) I was diagnosed with celiac disease ten days ago. I was completely blindsided by the diagnosis. It was discovered during a series of tests I had...