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  1. Nice, Easy Breakfast

    My mother sent me a newspaper clipping of a whole bunch of things you can do with corn tortillas. This morning I made one of those recipes. You warm the tortillas (3, because there are 3 of use) in the microwave until soft (40 seconds). Then you gently fold them into a muffin tine mold so that they are flauted. Then you crack an egg into each one. Then you sprinkle on salt and pepper and any fresh herb of your choice (we do rosemary). You can add a dash of cream to each one and then sprinkle a bit of cheese on top. Then you put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350 depending on how well done you like your eggs. The kids didn't like this at all but I thought it was delicious and SO easy! This is something I would serve for a brunch if someone were to come over. ~Cheers!
  2. I'm cheep cheep when it comes to quick and easy dinners for kids. My son LOVES this and he isn't gluten-free. I take the chub spiced sausage and cook in a saucepan. I then add sloppy joe mix to it and serve it over rice with a salad and milk. The kids really really enjoy this. The spiced sausage gives it a richer flavor than just straight ground beef. I still haven't tried the yellow cake, yet. We ate all of the yogurt and then my daughter was sick on Saturday so we didn't get around to it. Maybe this weekend I'll try it while the kids are at their father's house. The renaissance fair is this weekend though, so I might end up going to that instead. I got sick there last year; this year I'll bring my own food. Cheers to all!
  3. A yogurt company is trying to market yogurt as being a substitute for mayonaise. I got to thinking...whoa! Hold on to your hats! There is this yellow cake recipe that uses a cup of mayo in it. The only reason I don't make it very often is because mayo is kinda expensive if you use a cup at a time. So, perhaps I could try substituting my homemade yogurt into the recipe instead of the mayo? Just a thought...it's going to be a great experiment. Maybe I'll try it this weekend with my daughter as co-chef! If it works, I'll post it in my blog.
  4. More Mexican Food!

    Last night my son and I went over to my ex-aunt-in-law's house (how's that for a tenuous connection!) and we had fish tacos out on the patio with a fire in the fire pit. There are some things that are pretty cool about Arizona in February! I've been offered the job of English director and my second job as a tutor with a local tutoring company. That's really exciting. I told them that I'd probably take it in about a month, once my divorce is under control and I have energy to focus on all of the responsibilities. Did I mention that this company is in the same strip mall as the only gluten-free pizza company is Metro Phoenix? So, I get a discount every time I get pizza. I'm not going to give up this job anytime soon; it makes gluten-free pizza affordable. Next weekend is the VNSA annual 30th somethign annual booksale! One of my favorite weekends of the year! If you're in Phoenix and you're any kind of reader, it's at the fairgrounds and it's a must-go-to event! Life is good. I'm going to go for a Sunday walk. Cheers to everyone out in gluten-free cyber land~
  5. Yogurt

    The homemade yogurt came out great. Every one loves it. I added nutrisweet so that it wasn't so bitter. I also added gelatin so that it would be firm. My son, 1.5, just smacked his lips in joy! What a cutie! The divorce isn't going amicably. My soon to be x is crazy. He called the police (there are not cusody orders) because he say's I'm crazy and angry. Well, I'm certainly angry, but I'm not irrational. He wouldn't return my daughter to me last night and he broke our verbal agreement. He's a lying son of a... Well, I've learned that no good deed will go unpunished and that he's walked all over me for the last 7 years. I'm not going to give in to him and his bluffing. What a drama queen! What can I do? Not much but fight back. I'm thinking about going for the psych eval. He'd have to pay for that....I can't believe it's been almost 2 months and he hasn't payed for one thing for the kids, nothing...what a sleeze.
  6. Okay, so 85% of the time I like leftovers and easy-to-make dinners because of the whole working single parent thing. Tonight I out did myself with nachos. There's that Mexican food again. Yeah for Mexican food! So, I figure a bag of tortilla chips on a tray sprinkled with cheese under the broiler for 3 minutes is pretty easy. Then I dress it up with a can of microwaved refried beans and diced up roma tomato. It takes 10 minutes, start to finish if you don't already buy pre-shredded cheese. The kids go bananas over this. I put tinfoil on the bottom of the cookie sheet so clean up is a snap. I'm making yogurt right now. I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm trying to eat nutritious breakfasts. I know eating fruity and cocoa pebbles isn't the best for me but I can't afford to spend $4 on a tiny box of gluten-free cereal either. So, I'm trying eggs and tortillas. In AZ were blessed with an over-abundance of grapefruits this time of year, so lots of those...yogurt, hot cocoa made with skim milk, juice, and my wonderful regimen of multi-vitamins. I went in for my annual Pap and I got a letter from the Dr. saying my lab results were high for the ANA tests. WTF does that mean? They're referring me to a rheumatologist, not exactly the result I was expecting. Woo-hoo another autoimmune disease here I come.
  7. DH had the kids on Friday night so I went over to a friend's house for Mexican food and drinks. The woman preparing the food was so funny. She knew I was allergic to wheat and everytime she used the corntilla (made-up word) fork on the flour tortillas she'd swear at herself and throw the fork into the sink. She went through at least 10 forks! They went to the Ranch Market to pick up the food. Ranch Market is a cultural experience if you ever make it to the metro-Phoenix area. Everything is is Spanish with a fish market/buther/panaderia (bakery) with homemade fresh tortillas, I'm fluent in Spanish and couldn't ask what was in the Rancho Preparado marinade (meat), but I'm getting awfully good at tasting soy sauce. I've run across it before. So, I had quesadillas instead of tacos. A fun night... and best of all, no pot roast!
  8. Pot Roast...

    The office had pizza for lunch today and what did I have? Pot roast....grumble mumble. I gave the rest of the leftovers to the cat.
  9. Good evening all, Today was a good day. We had professional development meetings all day and the boss took us out to lunch. It was at a sports bar. Lots of burgers, sanwiches, deep fried everything, etc. I had nachos. They were really good. They had real cheese on them and fresh salsa on the side. I couldn't ask for anything better. I was aprehensive about going out at first, but hey, I figured I could always just have a lemonade and eat when I got back to the office. What on earth would celiacs do without Mexican food??? For dinner I had leftover pot roast. How many dishes can you make with pot roast? I've no idea, but this is what I've done so far: Day 1: Pot roast with potatos, brussle sprouts (optional, of course), corn on the cob, carrots Day 2: Pot roast with rice as a side and steamed veggies Day 3: Tacos with corn tortillas, chopped salad, tomatos, avocado, sour cream, etc. Day 4: ??? Well, it was a Costco sized pot roast and we're a small family so it'll last a bit longer. I've already frozen some and put away for tacos another night. My mother, the wonderful lady that she is, sent me a gluten-free chocolate cake mix in the mail. I'll have to try making it soon...
  10. Dinner For 01/12

    I invited over my co-worker for dinner. She's a ball. I late 50s-something widower from New York via East Germany. I made Spanish tortilla with eggs and potatos, then served a green salad and mint tea. Just a simple dish but everyone seems to like it! Spanish tortilla: Slice 4 fist sized potatos into 1/4 inch pieces and fry in canola oil until tender Beat 6 eggs with a fork until well blended. Drain the potatos and them mash them into the blended eggs in a small bowl (just until sem-integrated, not too much) Heat a tablespoon of oil in a medium-small frying pan on HIGH When hot, pour the egg/potato mixture in, it should sizzle. Turn heat down to about 3/ medium low and cook for 2 minutes. Flip the tortilla over and cook for about 1 minute Flip two more times cooking for about 1 minute on each side. Serve as breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a salad. Cheers!
  11. As I sit in the office kitchen eating my lunch that I brought from home, again, I often reflect on how much money being a celiac is saving me. Everyone eats out, well most people do, and I always carry in. Sure, I could order salads and what not, but boy...salad sure does get boring. I also don't buy a bunch of specialty foods. Sometimes I'll get a cake mix, cookies, or some Trader Joes rice pasta (the big round ziti noodles are the best), but mostly I just eat rice, potatos, and corn. So today I had guava, milk, and vitamins for breakfast. For a mid-morning snack it was celery and peanut butter. For lunch it was tacos, string cheese, madarin oranges, cherry tomatos, and water. Today we got home late and had a budget dinner: Mission tortilla chips on a plate with grated cheese on top, nuked in the microwave for 30 seconds. The kids love it, cheaper than Mc Donald's and just as fast. Then fruit for dessert. So, that's that...I think that I'm saving myself food money by being a celiac....I just don't go and pick up a big mac like I used to...must be healthier too. I'll keep a running menu on my blog.
  12. Dinner Tonight

    Tonight we had a wonderful dinner: Roast chicken with lemon pepper, celery salt, thyme, and rosemary, cooked at 350* for 1 hour White rice (not as nutritious as brown, but the brown rice is too hard on my 1 year old's tummy) Sauteed veggies, yellow squash and zucchini with onion and oranges for dessert. My co-worker at the office keeps trying to offer me cookies and pastries. I came back from the bathroom and she had left this Bavarian pastry dipped in chocolate on a napkin on my desk. It's soooo sweet of her, she keeps forgetting that I can't eat it! I feel just as bad having to remind her as not being able to indulge! I feel healthy. It's a good week to be a Celiac!
  13. Thanks everyone for your experiences. It sounds like just the tiniest amount can cause a reaction. I'll keep that inmind. I'm eatin off of paper plates and switched to a "dedicated" sponge HA!! For the immediate future until I get a process worked out with dishes, etc. And if it was something over the holidays, well, I'll never know!
  14. Overview

    This is a blog about my life and how I cope with Celiac. What I eat, things that I run into, reactions from other people, and reactions from me. The good. The bad. The ugly. I have been Dx'd for about 1.5 years. During that time my life was not only turned upside down from my diagnosis, but my daughter was also Dx'd with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes (both diseases are strongly linked, as I'm sure most of you already know) So, it's been a trying couple of years with a lot of adjustments. I've learned a lot about food from both of our lifestyles. I lead a quite life as a high school English teacher - well, sort of quiet. I love playing with my two lovely children who are the joy and also the trial in my life. Celiac disease is fine with me, as long as I'm not pressured to eat out. I hate eating out. That's a confession. I live in the Phoenix metro area and we are blessed with a number of great establishments which cater to the gluten-free population. I enjoy eating at these restaurants but I loath having to explain to others about my dietary concerns when we go out for dinner/lunch/drinks or what not. So, this is a blog to let others out there wherever you are in on how I deal with the lifestyle and how we as a family thrive, despite the challenges of our immune systems! Enjoy~ AZ GAL
  15. Hello, I'm in Mesa with my two children. I scrapbook and have been gluten-free for about 1.5 years. I would love to get together. I'm a sane, single mom trying to be more social! I'd love to meet, talk about food/preparation/cooking/dining out, etc.! I'll link these responses to my email, so email me if you would like to meet. Erin
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