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  1. I'm newly diagnosed and I'm looking for places to shop. I know that Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, but does anyone know of somewhere else to shop. I'm in Phoenix. Plus I have purchased some items and I find that some are less than desirable. Is there some brands or particular items to stay away from. Is all organic items in the store free of gluten? I bought something yesterday that say gluten-free so I thought it was okay, but turns out it has wheat in it. I'm allergic to wheat so just because its gluten free doesn't mean its wheat free. I'm so confused!
  2. I also went today and had my blood test completed. It is my allergy doctor that is testing me. I was explaining to her about how I felt after I ate certain foods when she told me about this disease. My allergy test was positive for wheat. I really don't know if I have this condition, but in reading other entries it sure seems like a mirror image of what I'm going through. Here are some of my symptoms. Very loose BM Irritable Tired Can't sleep all night - wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep Stomach aches/pains Terrible bloating/ gas Cracks in the side of my mouth (which I have never had before) I'm 28, and seem to become a problem after having my daughter. Even if my test comes back negative I'm thinking of going to gluten-free foods to see if it helps me. I also have thyroid disease; I was diagnosed when I was 12. Just wonder if anyone has any thoughts.
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