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  1. Hi all...I found this post and just want to share that I too am in the same boat. I actually think I suffered for YEARS with gluten intolerance. I remember being very young and constantly have stomach problems, headaches, and anxiety. I dealt with it for many years until finally I started getting really bad cystic acne. Then I started to swell up really bad and retain water and just felt crappy all the time. I thought I had IBS at some point. I was driving myself crazy trying to assess what the problem was. I finally went to an allergist and told him my story and he ran the basic tests and sure enough, I was HIGHLY allergic to corn, more so than peanuts. No wonder I couldn't figure out what I was allergic to! Corn is in EVERYTHING!!!! The cystic acne subsided a bit and it was REALLY tough for me to try and get corn completely out of my diet. I was very sad about it. What more could I take? I still felt like crap and still got the acne and figured it was just some hidden corn product in something. I finally made the association about gluten when I realized oatmeal did nothing for me but make me ravenous and tired. I read an article that said gluten intolerance is basically your body being starved because you can't absorb nutrients. So I did a test on myself and gave up gluten and sure enough, started feeling better and the acne was going away some more. Yet another blow but I figured I could manage it. What else could I be allergic to??? I wish I'd stop asking myself that question because...I found out, the last thing that was contributing to my acne: dairy. I figured this out after eating high fat content dairy, I would get a huge cyst on my face. Gave up dairy and sure enough, everything is starting to go away and I feel so much better. I used to constantly get yeast infections, UTI's and was sick a lot. But since I cut out most of these things, I feel like my body is slowly healing. So, it is a drag...but you eventually get used to it and you eat so MUCH healthier. Don't think of it as you losing out on something or missing out...think of it as you getting to a healthier place :-) Best of luck!
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