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  1. Thank you all SO SO much for the great information. I know it will really help. So after 2 1/2 days of no gluten, I am feeling good. The first two days I felt like CRAP! Really tired, sort of grumpy, and I felt really gassy and bloated. I'm wondering if this could be my body kind of "detoxing" because today I woke up feeling great, with renewed energy that I haven't had in a while. Maybe two days is a short amount of time, but I hope the improvement continues. I have to say, I did the ATkins diet a few years ago, before it got such a bad rap, and I never felt better in my life. I lost weight, had a ton of energy, just felt like a million bucks. Because the Atkins diet pretty much eliminates gluten, I am now wondering if it was getting rid of the gluten that made me feel so good, not so much the carbs, KWIM? Anyway, I am excited to continue this venture. One thing that makes me nervous, one of the symptoms that I am addressing is the fact that I seem to hold weight around my middle. The other is that my psoriasis is out of control, and I know this can be a side effect of gluten intolerence. But in looking around the forum, it seems like a lot of people gain weight when eliminating gluten. I read that if you have in intolerence, eliminating the gluten should make weight drop because you are no longer putting that "glue" in your body. I'm curious what other people's results have been?
  2. Hello, I am VERY new to all this. After struggling with some health issues, I have decided along with my doc to cut Gluten from my diet and see if I have an intolerence. So I have been educating myself like crazy, and started my gluten free way of life yesterday. But I do have a few questions I can't seem to find specific answers for. 1. Is Balsamic Vinegar gluten free? 2. I see a lot of recipes for Mayo, but from reading the labels on Mayo jars, it seems they must contain gluten. Do I need to buy a special gluten free mayo, or is all mayo gluten free? 3. What drinks are gluten free? For example, I bought some sparkling water, but one of the ingredients is "natural flavoring" . On my list, it says to avoid the word flavoring. Are there any sugar free drinks that are gluten free? Thank you so much, I am sure I will be using the board lots! So glad I found it! Hillary
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