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  1. Hiya Thanks for replying both its good to know your not alone. I am from the UK and things are different here (not sure what fertility work ups are?) but when I went to the doctors recently they just said they wanted me to give my body chance to get back into balance before they sent me for tests - so I am just waiting, and waiting, and waiting........
  2. Hello, I am just after a little advice I was diagnosed with celiac in April and have stuck to the diet to the letter. It is just I have been trying for a baby now for over a year, and I have read some articles that say celiac does not affect fertility and a few that state it does and am really confused and would like to know if it effects it permanently. Could anyone give me any advice?
  3. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 weeks ago, so still adjusting to the drastic change in diet. One thing I am missing is Kinder Maxi's (like kinder eggs, but in a bar form), on reading the ingredients there doesn't seem to be anything on there that would indicate gluten used within the ingredients - but it isn't listed anywhere that I can eat it either - would anyone be able to help please?
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