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  1. OK- I've gone through at least 20 sessions of the NAET (I got a killer deal on the treatments). The main reason I wanted to try it was because since I've been gluten free, other allergies have popped up. The big thing for me was nightshades, if I had potatoes for breakfast I would have to go back to bed, they were making me that tired and although my reaction to the pepper family was not as intense, paprika is in just about everything. It was so frustrating because I have a pretty severe reaction to eggs also, so going out to breakfast with my friends was pretty frustrating. The practioner does a "version" of NAET. The main difference she has with NAET is she believes there are three different levels of food allergies. The first level can be cleared with a NAET treatment. The second one is when your body has antibodies to the allergens (me and eggs ), she says after a NAET treatment you need to wait 6 months and challenge the food again to see if your body has gotten rid of the antibodies to that food. It hasn't been six months for me yet for the eggs, so I can't update you on that. The last level is when you have a genetic marker that has been turned on (like celiac) and that means you can't have gluten ever again. She is believes it is important to heal your gut so the things you have been "cleared" for done start damaging your intestines again. Yes I can eat potatoes now, and no I don't have a reaction to them. The most dramatic changes for me were when she cleared me parts of my own body. I tested allergic to the adrenaline in my body, after she "cleared" me for adrenaline my energy level went from a 4/10 to a 7/10 sometimes even an 8. She did that a couple of months ago and I'm still amazed by that one. Another thing she cleared me for was "fats", I think it was animal and vegetable. Since then my hands haven't been as dry as they used to be. And I think when I was cleared for fats is when I lost enough weight to get into my size 8 jeans again instead of bursting out of my 10's. It sure hasn't been because I've changed my diet. I hope this helps with the curiosity. Viola
  2. Thanks for the answers everyone! I think they probably emailed me because I don't post very often.
  3. Hi, I hope this is the correct way to do this. I just received the following personal message: Dearest One, Good day and God bless, I am (deleted) from Sierra-Leone. I am writing you from Rep of Cote 'Ivoire where I have been taking refuge after the brutal war and murder of my parents by the rebels during the renewed fighting in our country. Because of the war my late Father sold his shipping company and took me to Cote d'Ivoire where he deposited US$10, 500, 000.00 in his foreign account with one of the bank here in Cote d'Ivoire Please, I got your profile from this site and due to the current political situation in Cote d'Ivoire now I am seeking for your assistance to transfer this Money and also relocate to your country to further my studies and I am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum for your assistance and input. I am 21years, so I cannot be able to handle this alone due to my mentor. Kindly contact me through my private email address (deleted) for more details. Best Regards (deleted) I'm assuming this is one of those you send me $1000 and I'll send you a million dollars scams. So my question is: Can I forward this email to anyone so if this is just a scam, the user name can't do this to other members? Again, I hope this is the correct way to do this. Thanks a lot, Viola
  4. Hi- And yet another problem with the Nacho's being safe (having to check everything can be a pain sometimes!). You need to check with the restaraunt to see if they make their own chips. If they use an undedicated fryer, you'll get issues with cross contamination. Sorry
  5. Hi, I haven't read the Diet Cure, but I have been taking the amino acid Glutamine and it has helped me with the bloating and for some reason the brain fog also. Even pretty main stream websites say it is not only good for building muscle but also good for helping to heal the intestinal tract. The best way to take it is on an empty stomach. The only other supplements I take are a good probiotic and a B vitamin. Good luck with your healing.
  6. Hi Momma Goose, I hate being tired also. Sorry to add just another "thing" when you are tired, but I have studied quite a bit of Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you are cold, please don't take any kelp-- it will just make you colder. Either go see an acupuncturist or for a simple but "not really having a diagnosis"-- look into ginseng. Chinese ginseng is the most warming, but all (American or Korean) will add some energy back into you. I hope your energy returns soon, you're important.
  7. Not all vitamin E is from wheat germ oil. There are numerous other possible sources. Wheat germ oil has a high concentration, but many other vegetable oils are good sources. It can also be synthetic, as d, l-alpha-tocopherol. The Canadian Celiac Association considers tocopherols (vitamin E) to be safe for celiacs, according to the 2006 edition of their pocket reference. Thanks for the correction! For anyone that's curious about the Jason's hand soap, I did call the manufacuturer on that.
  8. Vitamin E is wheat germ oil. . I had to give away my Jason's hand soap the other day, because I was getting sick from it.
  9. 1. I can fix it. The solution to a lot of my distress is simple- I don't eat gluten, I don't feel bad. I don't have to pay big bucks on medication for the rest of my life. 2. Coconut oil. I've learned so many great things about coconut oil from this web site, and use it all the time. I never would have tried it otherwise. 3. My joint pain is a lot better- I didn't even know I had joint pain. I thought I was just getting old! 4. More energy- ok sometimes it's only a 3 or 4 out of 10 but... it used to be a .25 5. Not so anxious/ depressed. 6. Helping others. Hey 1 out of 133. Since I started this last October, I have had so many discussions with other people about their chronic problems and/ or digestive issues. One of my friends I talked to about this said something about getting the fecal test done. 7. My diet is so much healthier. OK- the first month I sulked and ate Fritos and Pepsi, but now I'm into a pretty healthy basic diet.
  10. Hi Lynne, Thanks for posting- I've been lurking since October of last year and have been thinking about joining- but haven't been able to think of a really cool screen name or haven't "had" to add my input until your post. I actually have been gluten free since October because of blood allergy testing (which wasn't even specifically for celiac). I've had such a great dietary response, the two weeks gluten free have turned into six months and I'll never purposely eat gluten again even without the EnteroLab fecal test or a biopsy. I did decide to go ahead with the gene testing because of the link with schizophrenia, which my mother had. I just got my gene testing back from EnteroLab this past week and I have the exact same genes you have HLA-DQ 2,1 (Subtype 2,6). Also the main reason I am so anti gluten (yeah- my friends hate me sometimes) is quite a bit of my anxiety and depression have gone away. Most of the other symptoms I was able to deal with (ok the joint pain decreasing and not having piles of my hair everywhere and those well formed bowel movements are nice too). Thanks for such a great topic Viola
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