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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Mom-American (English/Irish/Native American) Dad- Dutch American (First generation)
  3. Found the definition on the manufactures website........... 2. What is gluconolactone (GDL) and is it gluten-free? Gluconolactone (GDL) is a gluten-free, fermented food starch derived from corn. Once processed into a pure white, crystalline powder, it carries none of the characteristics of corn. It has been used to make cottage cheese and bread for many years. The final product can be found in its natural state in bee's honey. When a small amount is mixed with calcium chloride, these salts act to coagulate the soymilk into creamy silken tofu.
  4. Beth, Thank you for your reply . I went to the Dr. and they did some more tests but said that because it is a recent diagnosis I will probably make mistakes and have problems for awhile yet. I asked about the Negative test and he said it doesn't matter, he would rather I stayed off of wheat permanently. I would have to continue eating wheat to get a positive test, and he said that would not be wise. Because of your post I asked about soy and he said I could try to stop soy and then reintroduce it one product at a time if I wanted to, but that dairy and soy are very different and he doesn't believe that is the problem. I may try it anyway because I noticed today that my tofu has "GLUCONOLACTONE" which I need to look up! Thanks again for your post, I hope you are doing well and that you have a great weekend. Pamela
  5. Junky, I read you post and I cannot believe the similarities to what happened to me...I ate at Red Lobster and became so violently ill that I had seizures. That was Jan. '05. I was bleeding for a year and didn't know it till I changed Dr.'s. My new Dr. decided it was celiac the 2nd appt. My husband spent thousands of dollars on Dr.'s before I went to a new one out of fear and frustration. My sis is bi-polar and becomes ill like I used to. My Mom and brother have bi-polar too. I don't but that was plain luck. My Mom has Dairy intolerance, Kidney Disease, and CLL Lukemia. No one in my family will get tested and they are all sick. Good for you for trying to figure it out! I hope you find your answers here...everyone is really helpful...I read the posts regularly but I don't often post. But, your post touched me and I will pray for you... Pamela
  6. Barb, I was also diagnosed with negative (I think) blood work. But I am strictly following the gluten free diet and am 95% better. I just buy the gluten-free bread, crackers, and Bob's mixes and the soy mayo, cream cheese sour cream etc. My shampoo,conditioner, etc... also. My usual problem is contamination. I try to keep all surfaces clean but I still miss stuff...like the computer or someone eating a sandwich while dipping into my bag of chips. I have resorted to using a separate cabinet for my food and putting my chips in a small bowl, if anyone eats from my bowl I get up and get another one. They get the hint. Really, maybe you should try following the diet strictly. What could it hurt? A friend of mine told me that there are several other diseases that are treated with a similar diet.I hope things get better for you. It does get easier with time. Sometimes I wonder about our imported "everything" and if that is really the problem. Here are some links about rare diseases that I found in case you want to research: http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dl...00333/-1/NEWS01 http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/a-z.asp http://ord.aspensys.com/asp/diseases/diseases.asp http://nord.clinicahealth.com/topics.pl?op...pic&topic=1 http://www.aarda.org/patient_information.php http://endocrine.niddk.nih.gov/info/index.htm
  7. Hi, My Dr. put me on gluten-free diet and I have had a complete turnaround. This test was done BEFORE I STARTED THE GLUTEN-FREE DIET. He says I have celiac but the tests look negative to me? LabCorp is the name of the lab Antigliadin Abs,IgA (U/mL 0-4) RESULT<1 Negative 0-4 Positive >4 Antigliadin Abs,IgG (U/mL 0-9) RESULT <1 Negative 0-9 Positive >9 t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA (U/mL 0-3) RESULT <1 Negative 0-3 Weak Positive 4-10 Positive >10 t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgG (U/mL 0-5) RESULT<1 Negative 0-5 Weak Positive 6-9 Positive >9 Endomysial Antibody IgA RESULT Negative Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum (mg/dL) RESULT 159 Normal 70-400 My Dr. also did a Comp. Metabolic Panel that was all normal ranges ( some of the numbers are just barely normal(low normal?) or close to above normal). I posted here when I first found out about this and I am doing all the stuff that I was told to do... except the vitamins. My Dr. & Nutritionist said no vitamins until later. My Dr. was amazed a couple of weeks ago and said he has never seen such a drastic change in someones health so quickly. Do I have Celiac or not? If it is something else I want to find out what it really is. P.S. I just had lunch...gluten-free pasta, albacore tuna, Grapeseed Veganaise, & Mrs.Dash....My belly swelled up like I am pregnant and I'm all foggy headed and shaky.....What the heck is wrong! I called my Dr. because I know what's coming next...I go in tomorrow at 8:30...SOY?!? Maybe? Any Ideas?
  8. 1. Know that you will grieve your old favorite gluten-filled foods. I actually tear up when I see a brioche sometimes. Grieving is normal, BUT IT IS NOT EASY OR COMFORTABLE. People around you will eat treats you can't have and you will feel sad and isolated. Strategy: stock your car, office, purse, backpack, secret drawer at home with gluten-free treats you can reach for any time you are feeling deprived...Good luck! Susanna
  9. CHOCOLATE! I will ask my dietician if I can have this yet...but I may have to wait until we get my hypoglycemia controlled again...AND Strawberries are my favorite fruit.....you made my day! Thank you so much for the recipes. I am so excited about my day to day now. I wasn't before. This site has given be back my spark. I am going to hang out here more often! Thank You, Pamela
  10. WOW! I wish I had this list last week before I spent $130.00 on groceries...I have printed it off and I will give it to the other lady in my town that has Celiac. Is couponcabin.com a good source for coupons? The web sites are a great help as well...I live in a small town but even the city nearby has only one health food store and they are not familiar with Celiac...I spent 45 min. trying to find toothpaste ($7.00) and shampoo ($9.00) with two helpers!....I LOVE YOUR LIST! Thanks for your help...I am so greatful that I found this site! Pamela
  11. Very helpful information...I have a question about supplements and vitamins..Do some of them have gluten? I will of course read all labels but I was curious to know if there are any specific brands that are better? I am following all that was on your reply except that I have been drinking tap water and eating pecans instead of walnuts. I will ask at the health food store about the sprouted walnuts, as well as other sprouted seeds and nuts, next week. I have the foods to be avoided down to a science now...except that didn't know about carrageenan, thanks for that tidbit! I will look out for that one! I can't have MSG because I have a very severe reaction to it. That is what led to the discovery of Celiac disease. Thank you for all of the time you put into your reply. I feel much better and not half as scared...Guess I needed encouragement..which I have recieved..Thank you so much. Pamela
  12. Thanks so much for your reply, it is really helpful! Especially the encouragement. It has all happened so fast and I'm still reeling. I am strictly following my diet, but it hasn't all sunk in yet...I need the support of others and I am happy to become a part of this site! Thanks again, Pamela
  13. I just signed up at this site because I am lost. I recently recieved a Celiac diagnosis. I have had hypoglycemia all along but it was not an issue when on non-celiac diet. Now it is a huge issue. I can't tolerate dairy either. I'M STARVING! I am seeing a dietician...she's helped a bunch! but no menu plans...I'm tired of tuna and peanut butter every single day..Any suggestiong for the snacks part of a hypoglycemic/celiac/non-dairy diet....I eat tofu too. Thankful for any reply! Pamela
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