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  1. Thank You so much I will look into them today
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum but in desperate need of help. I have a 10 year old daughter who since 2004 has a stomach ache/ constipation. Back and forth to drs at onset had an endoscopy done he said nothing was wrong giver her pepsid. She had a c-t scan around the same time no outcome. Pains are getting worse I went to a new gastro he put her on a high fiber diet within 2 weeks she has losst most of her eye lashes. At his visit I had 2 years worth of blood work a lot of allergy tests, the nurse looked and asked if she had celiac. Not to my knowledge but thats why I am here. The dr was more concerned with the constipation and not the pains in her stomach. I want to get her tested for celiac and I cant find a dr with enough knowledge of Celiac. Had routine blood work last week they said all is normal. My child isn't normal their is a problem with her, she lays around because she has no energy she eats very often and she is not lazy so please dont get the wrong idea. SHe tries to play with her friends she tires easily. ANy help in the ny nj area i would appreciate it
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