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  1. Try eating a large salad every day with dinner which must have lots of romaine lettuce. Works for me.
  2. You can always eat out at Wendys. I order a burger in a plastic dish with all the condiments but no bread. Then to make it somewhat enjoyable I order a baked potato with chives and a chocolate frosty. Its not five star, but you can get it all over the country.
  3. Thank you all for your well-thought comments. My doc had said that the test was to look for healing. He was also concerned about my lack of weight-gain, and in the last month I finally was able to gain 8 pounds....so, my plan is to see if he may be willing to back-off in the light of my weight improvement. But... since I have confidence in his abilities I will go along with his decision. Actually, I was very impressed that he diagnosed me so quickly...especially after reading about the tales of horror on this forum. Barry
  4. Hi, I was newly diagnosed with celiac disease after the GI doc did an enddoscopy and got back the Path. lab report which said I had celiac disease. My vili were eroded. Subsequent blood testing showed NOTHING. And these tests had been performed before I went Gluten-free diet. Now, after 9 months or so, my doc wants to do another endoscopy. My question is whether or not I should let this test procede. I have been on a strict diet and am feeling back to my old self, but he insists on this second procedure. Advice??? Comments?? Thanks, Barry
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