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  1. Both Dannon Activa and Stonyfield farms cause the same problems for me as any other wheat product. I couldn't figure it out because there was nothing on the label that was on the forbidden foods list. I guess it just depends on how sensitive you are to certain things. Good luck!
  2. Hi, Lays Stax made me horribly ill. I have tried all the different flavors and I get the worst stomach ache after all of them. I fall asleep and can't wake up, they make me feel sick to my stomach and the pain is not worth it. I have outright eaten bread and still didn't feel as sick as I did when I ate the LAYS STAX! BEWARE!
  3. LAYS STAX MAKE ME SICKER THAN I'VE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE!!! I think they are full of potatoes when they say they are gluten free! I have a wheat intolerance which may or may not be Celiac disease but I eat gluten-free and feel good, so I'm sticking with it. I ate the Lays stacks original and got the worst stomach ache. I saw that the flavored ones had MSG which I thought was a No No for gluten-free eating, so I wondered how they could list them as gluten-free> Anyway BEWARE!!! Eat regualr potato chips, you'd be better off. -HS
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