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  1. Hey, do any of you with lyme's have troubles in hot weather, i mean i just feel weak beyond belief and exhausted..very grumpy too..i was wondering if this is a symptom of lymes. Im stuck in abit of a rut, because the only lyme specialist in my province is actually in abit of trouble for misdiagnosis i have heard. so other than order the IgeneX tests and wait, i dont know how to follow through with a doctor..Yikes. I am really starting to think its lymes though specially the way i have so many twitches and they keep getting worse and worse and the pain in my neck and head is just insaine...i am worried i will not be able to get better because it has gotten so bad...well thanks for the helP!
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply's i have one more symptom that i was wondering if it could be related to lymes I hate being hot, since i got sick, its the worse feeling, when the weather is hot i feel aweful, i like being cold?? anyone.. lol wierd question i know?
  3. Hi, thanks so much for the replys. I have seen the ONLY Lymes specialist in BC..but i have to say i wasnt convinced with our meeting. He basically asked me a few questions, and yes i had multiple symptoms matching up, but i also never had a rash..and my sickness started in my stomach. I have been tested for lymes twice. I showed up positive for ricksettia but a very low posistive and even lower the second time. Today i ordered the test kit from IgeneX for lymes so thankyou for that information, i was very surporised they could send it to bc. Does anyone know if it can really affect you mentally, i have been very irritable, but the past two days, i feel very spaced out, and very overwhelmed like im numb in my brain, mentally i feel very confused. Also i've been off gluten for a week now, does anyone know if you begin to feel better very soon after or does it take months? also can you feel worse at first? im just really confused with the way i feel in my head, such a scary feeling. thanks
  4. Hi my name is marie, i am 22! one year ago i got really really sick..started with diahrea and gas/ bloating...but within a month or two i got really sick, splitting neck/head pain.., numb hands, wierd moodiness, and confusion, also dizzyness, lighheadness, my vision dims like a car light and then back up again, i have been constipated for months, i have twitches all over my body sometimes the last for days and then come back a week later...I guess what im asking is does this sound like a case of lymes to you, i saw the lymes specialist in bc..and he said yes..but my doctor says no, and i cant afford to go on antibiotics unless its going to help because i am already very weak and sick..i basically ache all over, and my heart throbs threw my body, and i am very bad in hot weather. I saw that you have lymes, and was wondering if you have any advice, i have been tested and it was negative but where i am from the specialist said that is it less than 25% accurate here. well thanks for hearing me out! marie
  5. Hi my name is marie, i am 22 years old. Last year i basically woke up and was sick i had bad diahhrea and gas...then in the months to come, i have devveloped VERY severe headaches in the back of my neck/head...also a stiffness in the front. My arms tingle, and my finger tips even go compleately numb, i get twitches all over my body sometimes for days. My stomach seems to always ache, and i can feel my heart throb through my whole body...especially stomach. My bowel movements, are few and far between. I have had lots of tests they all are normal, but i am NOT normal, i cant work, sleep, eat normal..and the pain is wayyyy to much to bear. Does this sound like anything to anyone...I am currently on a celiac's diet, eventhough i tested negative..I just dont know if it could cause all of these things, i wasnt as sick when it first started i progressed immensely over this year with more symptoms and pain. Does anyone feel like this or know what could be going on? thanks marie
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