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  1. Thanks to everyone on here tonight, I will demand blood testing from my doctor tomorrow as it is my right and I agree that whatever the results show I will try a gluten free diet for a month and if it makes me feel better I will continue. I can't keep feeling like this - it seems to get worse...
  2. Hi and thanks for my quick responses, I am interested in Lymes disease - is this bad? I have never heard of it before. Also reading up on celiac disease, I realise this would affect my life/change my life, but is it very serious is controlled by a gluten free diet. I worry about whether my body needs...
  3. I'm new to this Coeliac /celiac thing, so I apologise in advance. Thanks to anyone that reads this as it's my first post! For months I have been thinking that I am falling to pieces, skin problem, I thought I had shin splints, bad headaches, rapid weight loss, dizzy spells, nausea before and after...