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  1. Hi Everyone, I have just been told to go gluten free by my doctor - no biopsy yet, but I feel like I have been run over by a bus - in bed a lot, no energy etc. My DH is coming back since I went gluten fee (on tuesday last week) nightmare! I am wondering if anyone has tried chinese medicine? for DH and or celiac disease. I am thinking of trying it if my biopsy proves what I am sure it will! Can anyone that has tried chinese medicine, tell me if it worked and if so, what it was the chinese doctor gave you to take. Thanks!
  2. Thanks to everyone on here tonight, I will demand blood testing from my doctor tomorrow as it is my right and I agree that whatever the results show I will try a gluten free diet for a month and if it makes me feel better I will continue. I can't keep feeling like this - it seems to get worse as the weeks go on! Today I've had diarrhea (sorry folks!), reacurring headaches, nausea, bloating, wind, fatigue and the pain in my leg (feels like my leg bone is aching???under the skin and a little similar to Siatica?) This is just today? I have forgotten what normal feels like - is this the life of a Celiac when still on gluten? I also have a 9 month old baby boy and I feel like I can't pick him up/look after him some days, purely due to weight loss and fatigue! Thanks to everyone for the comments and suggestions! This certainly seems to be the place to come for the advice I needed!
  3. Hi and thanks for my quick responses, I am interested in Lymes disease - is this bad? I have never heard of it before. Also reading up on celiac disease, I realise this would affect my life/change my life, but is it very serious is controlled by a gluten free diet. I worry about whether my body needs a wheat replacement - isn't my body missing a food group on a gluten-free diet? Does this shorten length of life? I am probably worrying to much now!!! Thanks for your responses though, it's great to know that there are others out there that have experienced similar symptoms (not wishing anyone health problems!) but it's nice to know that you're not alone!
  4. I'm new to this Coeliac /celiac thing, so I apologise in advance. Thanks to anyone that reads this as it's my first post! For months I have been thinking that I am falling to pieces, skin problem, I thought I had shin splints, bad headaches, rapid weight loss, dizzy spells, nausea before and after eating, tiredness and fatigue (which seems to be getting worse) and diahorrea and constipation, bloating etc. I had the rash/nasty blistery itchy sores on my fingers on both hands, but only on three fingers on each hand - this came first - went to doctors 6 times with this - conclusion is that I have contact dermatitis? Probably not far off, then I go to the doctors with nausea and rapid weight loss (a stone in 5 weeks!) about 10 appointments + over the past 6 months - I am apparently not intaking enough calories and I should go on a high fat diet! My doctor seems to think that I want to be 7 and a half stone (around 48KG) and I have done this to myself???? Then I get the most terrible pains in my knees, shins, ankles (my legs basically) and they said I was overdoing it. Whilst all of this is going on, I have the daily nasty headaches, sometimes blurry vision, nausea, diahorrea, bloating uncomfortable stomach, reoccuring itchy rash on palm of right hand and fingers, oh and a scabby itchy bleeding scalp and the worst fatigue/tiredness. SO MY QUESTION FOR ANYONE PLEASE - IS THIS COELIACS DISEASE? AM I A HYPERCONDRIAC - or is my doctor and overpaid good for nothing? AND anyone else in the UK - can I sue my doctor?
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