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  1. Really???? Eggo syrup, Kellogs fruit snacks AND Yogos? What is going on?I am so bummed as my Kids eat these and have for ever. I have used the syrup! Anyone else see the alert?http://www.ceceliasmarketplace.com/2008-product-alerts.html Here is for everyone to read..there are lots of items! Jodie
  2. Yes, I have been gluten free for almost 3 years now! I am very careful! But this is something that has been a struggle off and on! Other things have changed this last year. I had a hysterectomy in March, ovaries were left, but I have not been the same since! The heart thing really freaks me out! So, I know I need to keep fighting just like I had to when I was sick before finding out about having Celiac. They said I was dpressed or anxious and needed a psychologist or whatever! I could have been on any meds I wanted at that time! I am not a big vitamin person as i am so sensitive, but I have started a Cal/Mag and a B complex. Thanks for your response! I will keep on trying to figure it out!
  3. I used to have the heart palpitaions off and on..now it is every day all day long? Anyone else have this issue? What can it be caused from? I have also been breaking out in cold sore in my nose and on my mouth alot lately? It is frustrating! The dr's say it is anxiety, but honestly it is the feeling that is causing me to be anxious! Any thoughts would be appreciated! I have had my thyroid checked and is within normal rangeTSH 1.340 Triiodothyronine Free Serum 2.8 and T4 Direct 1.04...I guess this is normal? Even checked for Hashimotos since my sister has it but the antibody test was negative. Jodie
  4. I did not have time to read all the threads but I just wanted to share my sister's story. She was hypo for at least 5 years...nobody ever thought to scan her thyroid or even check her antibodies. I finally convinced her to get a scan done and low and behold...Hashimito's! SEVERE! But she went to the Endo Dr. and saw only the medical assistant and FINALLY had to lose it in her office and several visits of trying to level out her hormones. The problem with Hashimoto's is you can't ever really get level. And she wasn't. The medical assistant was saying she wanted to send my sister to a cardiologist and she came unglued!My sister REALLY lost it! The medical assistant got the Dr. in the office right away! My sister really had every symptom of the disease and wanted it out! The Dr. agreed she must have a severe case and agreed to have it out. She has been amazingly better! It does take time to level out the medication but she is doing great! I know there are some Dr's that only take the diseased part out...but he took the entire thyroid because the body will just keep attacking what is left! One other point...before she finally got to the Endo...she was sent to an ENT..which is the Dr. that ended up doing the surgery, but before he had only put my sister on acid reflux meds because of the lump in her throat! After she went to the Endo...then back to him for the surgery consult he did not even mention that he had missed it before! Man...we all really have to fight for our health don't we? I hope your issues are better. Just wanted to share this story! Jodie
  5. Just an FYI, after several transfers I finally found that Omnaris nasal spray is gluten free. I was apart of a thread last year when we all found Nasonex to have Gluten in it. I just wanted to pass this information along.
  6. I react to it as well. I will not use it even though I got that reply. It has been to unclear with the different responses. I use Pure Maple syrup! It is not worth it to risk it! Jodie
  7. Oh Yes..these have gluten. These are the last food I recall get glutened by last year the day after Thanksgiving! I emailed the company and they replied that if it is NOT on their list of gluten free food..it has Gluten. I emailed again to see what the source was and never heard from them again. Stay away from those CRISPERS!! I was mad because the ingredients looked just fine! Jodie
  8. November 25, 2008 I had read on other threads that this syrup contained gluten..after a recent discussion with the owner of a gluten free store here in Idaho, I decided to contact them again and here is the response I recieved today. Dear Ms. Chandler: Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Pinnacle Foods Group, LLC and the products we produce which may be gluten-free. We appreciate your interest in our company and our products. Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup does not contain gluten. We do recommend that you continue to review the list of ingredients on the package prior to purchase to assure that you are meeting your specific dietary needs. Since we are constantly improving our products, ingredients may change from time to time. We appreciate the time you've taken to share your specific concerns with us, as it helps us to become aware of consumer needs. Thank you again for your contact. Sincerely, Catherine Senick Consumer Insights Representative 001040656A **END**
  9. Just my input here...I was told ALL Mucinex products are gluten free. I called in the spring when I was having Sinus issues from allergies.Jodie
  10. I was on Nexium for 7 years, then I changed my diet drastically to all whole wheat ceral, pasta and bread and that is when I got really sick and the nexium no longer helped. I do not need anything now and it has been almost 2 years. Jodie
  11. I am sorry. It is www.glutenfreedrugs.com that I have the list for medications and such. And yes Nasonex is on there. Jodie
  12. I have been using this all summer because I looked and it was on the gluten free meds website.(www.glutenfreemeds.com) Why would it be on the list? Does whoever creates that list even verify it before putting a list like that together. I have relied on it alot for medicines. Now I guess I know better! Very frustrating! Jodie
  13. I have been wanting to ask the same question...as I was only tested for celiac after I was already gluten free and was negative. However my allergist did genetic testing and I have double DQ2 which is about the worst genetics for celiac from what I have learned. It is amazing to me that I can't say I have celiac disease....but I can't even eat one bite without my stomach feeling like a bomb went off inside. It seems to me that you are gluten intolerant until you have done enough damage to your intestines for the test to be positive. It does not matter anymore as I would not go back on gluten for any testing..I get too sick from the accidental glutenings as it is. Great post though. I will be interested to see the responses. Jodie
  14. The similar thing happened with our family. I had quit nursing and wanted to lose weight and lower my cholesteral and changed our diet to completely whole wheat. My then 1 year old was just starting to eat people food and we both just kept getting sicker and sicker. Both suffering from severe constipation. After I figured out what was wrong...only through genetic testing because I had been off gluten when they testing me for celiac..found out I have DQ2/DQ2 which is a major risk factor,Nowing they at least have the one gene from me, I took all of my kids off gluten. My son had turned 2 by the time I had figured this all out. He just would not eat...devolped a tree nut allergy and both my boys were just sick all the time. The pediatrician knew we were all having problems and saw the difference in their health and told me we would maybe challenge them when they were old enough to understand how it made them feel and could really talk about it. My boys have always been big..born at almost 10lbs..so they would have not even thought to test for celiac. The Dr. said they can eat perfectly healthy on a gluten free diet. So we will cross that bridge when it becomes neccessary. Now he eats relly good too. I would definitely talk to the pediatrician about it and maybe it will help her recognize it for other families. Jodie
  15. I believe Eggo syrup and Log Cabin Country Kitchen are both gluten free. Jodie
  16. The package is RED foil. We are going to try it and hope for the best...Jodie
  17. Sorry..Here is the ingredients...cured with water, sugar,salt,potassium lactate,brown sugar, sodium phosphates,sodium diacetate,sodium erythorbate,sodium nitrate. That is all that it says. Thanks Jodie
  18. I just bought a Kirkland hickory Smoked Spiral Ham. It looked OK by the ingredients, not sure about the glaze. It looks like it is just brown sugar. Anyway...does anyone know for sure if it is Gluten Free? Anyone ate it before? Thanks Jodie
  19. Hi, I am sorry for your frustration. I too get frustrated. My first advice to you,from my own recent experience, is to double check EVERYTHING you are eating. I just realized that the Oreida fries I was eating contain Gluten.NOTHING is stated on the fries package that would have alerted me. Contains Soy..was all that was on it. I contacted the company after I kept getting sick..thinking that something else was going on because I just knew I was completely gluten free. Sure enough the "Crispers" contain gluten. Also...my syrup I was using I learned (Mrs. Buttersworth) contains Barley? I was eating gluten free waffles with this syrup almost every day. I kept thinking just like you that SOMETHING else was going on. And I am pretty sure that the kisses contain dairy.I too have issues with constipation and I tried this Renew Life CleanseMore for occasional constipation. Works great! So I have actually gone back to the basics of eating ONLY what I know for sure is Gluten free and not relying on labels. I hope this helps. Jodie
  20. Have they made sure you don't have thrush? I had horrible gerd before going gluten free and was ok for a few months and then got it real bad again. I then began to have problems with yeast infections as well. I could not take any of the gerd medication as it made me so sick. However, I had been telling the doctors all year that my tongue was all coated and they said nothing. I was treated with Difflucan for yeast infections and it is THE ONLY thing that helped this gurgling feeling up my throat.And it has actually cleared up my tongue. I think I had thrush from being on antibiotics last year for 2 months and as time went on it spread into my esophogas. Anyway, it is a thought. They could not believe the acid medicine was making me feel worse! Jodie
  21. Hi Nan, My name is Jodie. I have been gluten free for about 5 months. I to have that vibrating feeling in my chest, it kind of goes in to my arms as well. I have noticed it went away when I quit eating sugar. I ate some sugar stuff on the 4th of July and I have had the feeling ever since. It is wierd and scary. Mine is also worse at night. I am going to see a Dr. in Colorado for Celiac and hope he can figure out what is going on. I am alot better but still having problems. If I figure anything out I will let you know! You please do the same. How long have you had that feeling? Jodie
  22. Well, thank you guys for replying. I am just a bit nervous as I have had terrible encounters with the doctors here. I hope he does not wantme to do a challenge diet. There is just no way. I can't . I would probably have to commit myself. I just need to know what I could be doing wrong and what my remaining symptoms mean. I am investing alot of $ to go see him, just to be sure I am on the right track, and I am going alone...yikes. Never even been to Colorado before. Thanks again. Jodie
  23. I finally went to a rheumatologist here who clearly said I had celiac disease even though all my tests were negative.. but genetic test was positive with DQ2/DQ2.He agreed it was foolish of the GI Dr to do them when I had been off Gluten for awhile. Anyway..he just said it will take some time to get back to normal and really just dismissed all my remaining symtoms. I am thinking of going to Colorado to see this Dr. Lewy. He is a GI doctor. His wife has Celiac and he is Gluten Intolerant. His website is great and has alot of info. He has to know more than the doctors here in Idaho...Anyway I would love to hear if anyone else has gone to see him and how it went. Thanks Jodie
  24. I really don't understand why all these GI Dr's have to be such jerks. I fired my 2nd Dr. He wanted me to see a psychiatrist.It took me 4 months to get off the medication for anxiety and sleep as it was. Then when my allergist did the genetic testing which showed double DQ2 and explained this does not diagnos me but that it could well be a possiblity. I tried to show the GI Dr and he did not even want to look at the lab report. He did a biopsy after 3 months gluten free which showed back negative...of course. I just can't eat it long enough for a test. It is sad because some people won't get diagnosed until it may be too late around here. I went to the periodontist and the assistant found out she had it 4 years ago. Along with precancerous cells in her esophogeous. I have given up on an official diagnosis. You just have to do what your body says. My father died from esophogeal cancer and my mom has had inches cut out of her intestines from problems. I am not going to go through all that!Anyway...hang in there. I just hope someday that all these doctors get some up to date training on celiac. It would probably save alot of lives.
  25. Has anyone had trouble taking GNC Ultra Mega Liquid vitamin? It says Gluten Free. I had to go to the Dr. last week thinking I was having a heart attack. It is clearly an allergic reaction. I just don't know to what? It seems like my body is allergic to everything. I am so sensitive to medication and vitamins. I tried the liquid because I have spent so much money on really good vitamins that hurt my stomach. The Dr. said my EKG was fine and sent me on my way. Benadryl is the only thing calming my feeling in my chest. It is a scary feeling. Jodie
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