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  1. Dear lmvrbaby, I am always amazed how organs that aren't functioning in our bodies can cause migraines! I'm glad you're migraine free! I don't think I have gall bladder problems, but I know I have something wrong with my bladder. I have an ultrasound scheduled tomorrow, my doctor thinks I may also have intercystitial cystitis. Who knows WHAT is causing that!? Thanks for your reply!
  2. Dear Sparkles, I was young too when I began to get migraines and headaches, about 11 years old. I'm now 31. So 20 years I've been just putting up with the symptoms, and now that I've got kids, I realized that I'm missing out so much on their lives that I wanted to spring into action to improve the quality of my life! I've even gone to the diamond headache clinic, and they were helpful, but I feel like I'm only halfway there, and still getting daily headaches with the meds. I'd love it if I could eat again, even if it's gluten free. I'm already on a reduced diet, so getting rid of gluten wouldn't be too much of a stretch, especially if I can get rid of the headaches. Yep, one thing at a time! Although it would be tempting to go eat all the chocolate and coffee I can! Thank you so much, you've given me hope!
  3. Dear Grey, I know I have my hopes set on the celiac diagnosis, because I want to make sense of everything too. I'm tired of having all these seemingly unrelated symptoms! I was on topamax first, but I really turned dumb while taking it, I was searching for words all the time, and couldn't really think straight. My son asked me "Where's daddy?" and I had to struggle to come up with the word "garage"! Yuck. I hope you're able to get off of it okay. Now I'm on Depakote and Inderal for prevenatives and Toradal and Migranal for abortive. Like you, I also eat almost nothing. No chocolate, alcohol, MSG, nitrates, sulphates etc. I also have some bladder thing going on so I have to avoid citris foods. Good luck to you! And good riddance to the terrible doctors! Rachael
  4. Hi gf4life, Thank you so much! What exactly is involved in detoxing? Is that a controlled environment where I can get off all the migraine meds I'm on? Like you, I have a whopping load of side effects that I'm just putting up with in the hopes that life is better headache-wise WITH the meds rather than without. (My hair even started falling out... I'm not happy!) Rachael
  5. I am being tested for celiac disease after a long and exhaustive search to rule out all the other causes for migraines and severe daily headaches. Does anyone else have either migraines or daily headaches along with the GI problems that celiac causes? I have a whole heaping lot of unrelated symptoms and as it turns out they all are celiac problems. I'm interested to find out if this is the cause of everything... I feel like there can't possibly be this many things wrong with me! Thank you all, Rachael
  6. Thank you, I'm not as concerned about going gluten-free on vacation, as I know that would be impossible. We're going to the upper peninsula of Michigan, and while it's very peaceful, it's not exactly a center of alternative foods! I also know, as you said, I want an accurate test, so even if I had an endoscopy afterward, I'd want it to the right results. I will have to give them my cell just in case. I want to know for peace of mind, since I've had all these health problems for quite some time now and I'm impatient for an answer. Thanks again for your help, and I hope your daughter is well! Rachael
  7. I am a newcomer to this site, and I am very grateful for all the information I've come across. I have not been diagnosed with celiac, but I'm being tested at my next appt. I know that there is bloodwork first and then perhaps a biopsy. How long does it take to get the blood tests back? I'm leaving soon for a month's vacation with my family and I really want to have some idea before we go. Thank you all so much, Rachael
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