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  1. My test kit arrived in 2-3 days... really quick. And my results were also 3 weeks to the day from when they received the material.
  2. On the 21st day, I emailed them and lo and behold, my results showed up that day. I'm not a very patient person when it comes to waiting for test results, and it KILLED me to wait so long! Good luck!
  3. I had my DNA testing done through Enterolab. I'd suggest going to their website, www.enterolab.com, and checking into it to see if it's what you're intersted in. You can also have stool testing done there which is another option. The gene testing through Enterolab costs $149. Good luck! And by the way, I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better on the gluten-free diet. Me, too!
  4. I'd like to say that you're normal for wanting to cheat... this diet is hard, especially at first. To be honest, if I didn't get so sick from CC, I might feel tempted sometimes, too. But........ we just can't lose focus. Our health depends on it. It's too risky. I really have no desire to have intestinal cancer, thank you very much. Yes, I want a cheeseburger (with a big nasty bun!) so bad I could scream, but I want a million dollars, too, and that isn't going to happen either . This may sound super weird, but it works for me. I smell my family's food. Put it right up next to my nose and take a good whiff. The smells of familiar comfort foods are almost as good as eating them... now, I did say almost... but it's the best I can do. Good luck!
  5. I haven't had any luck with Costco as far as getting information about their Kirkland products... they say they'll check into it and call me back, and they never do...
  6. I called my dentist's office ahead of time. They had never heard of Celiac Disease before. But they researched it, and to my delight, they placed their next order for product with me in mind! They ordered from companies who certified that their dental products were gluten free... YEAY!!!!! It's crazy to me that dentists don't know about celiac. One of the problems I have, which is normal for celiac sufferers, is I have weak enamel. My teeth chip very easily. Dentists should know about us!!! When my son got his molars as a two-year-old, they had NO enamel on them whatsoever, so they rotted right away. Celiac rears its ugly head again... but the dentist had NO clue... Google something like gluten-free dental products, and you'll find plenty of sites with info to print out for your dentist. Unfortunately, we have to educate them. It's either that, or suffer the consequences of a glutening. Not worth it in my book...
  7. My GI "officially" diagnosed me with celiac from a blood test and dietary response but no biopsy. I consider myself lucky. But the truth is "official" diagnosis or not, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... it's a duck. Oh, and ESPECIALLY if it poops like a duck! (Anyone with celiac, diagnosed or not, knows EXACTLY what I mean!!!)
  8. My friend sells life insurance so I had her check into it for me. She said Celiac Disease was not on her list of exclusionary pre-existing conditions... her underwriters didn't care about it and I can get a policy if I want one.
  9. I'm sitting here laughing as I read your post because I smell my husband's food all the time! At first he thought I was nuts, but I told him that for me, smelling the delicious smells of my old favorite foods makes me almost feel like I am having some myself. Pathetic, I know... Glade makes scented candles, vanilla scent, that smell like cookies. I burn them all the time!
  10. I have both DQ2 and DQ8, so both of my sons have one or the other gene for sure, and I don't need to have them genetically tested. They both could develop the disease at some point. I actually think my 18 year old has it already, but he's stubborn and doesn't want to be tested yet because he doesn't think he's ready to be committed to the gluten-free diet. I keep telling him that the diet is absolutely necessary if he has celiac disease, but at 18 kids think they know more than we do... When he started getting molars at two years old, they came in without enamel. He was colicky when he was a baby. He's had stomach issues his whole life. He's tall, but he can't gain weight even if he tries really hard. Wish me luck in convincing him to be tested!
  11. I'm looking for a GI preferably in Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley. Anybody know of a good one who is educated about celiac for a change?
  12. My front tooth chipped way too easily recently because of weak enamel. My son's molars came in when he was 2 with no enamel on them at all. He had to have crowns at 2 years old! IMHO, there's definitely a link.
  13. I had my gallbladder taken out in the summer of 2005... that's when my celiac flared up. Before that I was diagnosed IBS, spastic colon, lactose intolerant, blah, blah, blah... After my gallbladder was removed, I pretty much lived on the toilet until I went gluten-free after a positive blood test this June. So I'm thinking my gallbladder surgery was my "trigger."
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