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  1. Tigertail

    New Skin Sensitivity

    Hi Fran, This rash sounds like Dermatitis Herpetaformis, which is a rash conneceted with Celiac Disease. I get this rash...
  2. Tigertail

    Dh Experts Please Help

    Yes you can have them any where. I get them on my knee's, elbow's, feet, hands, torso, inside my ears, my eye's, my private...
  3. Tigertail

    Can This Be Happening?

    Hi Lexi, I don't know if this will help you but it is worth a try. I have been having your exact same problems plus a...
  4. I have been having severe headaches for about 25 years. I am 49 years old and a confirmed celiac for 3 years. I also...
  5. Tigertail

    Do You Think I Have Dh?

    Mine does. My chin will look horrible at times, but as long as I stay gluten-free it looks fine. I am 48 and live with...
  6. Tigertail

    Do You Think I Have Dh?

    Hi Alona, Yes, your Dr. can do a biopsy. That is how I was diagnosed. They just have to make sure they do the biopsy...
  7. Tigertail

    What's Wrong With Me!

    Hi, I have your same problem's, but one of my dr's realized I was having anxiety attacks due to all my health issue's...
  8. Thank you! BIG HELP!
  9. Thank you for your help! Thats sort of what I thought but I wanted to make sure. Do you happen to know of anything simalar...
  10. Does anyone know if Milk of Magnesia is gluten free? My Dr. wants me to take it every other day but he dosen't know and...
  11. Tigertail

    Gluten In Allergy Shots?

    Oh wow, you have all been very helpful. Now I wish my Doctors could do the same. In answer to the question about what...
  12. OK, I need your help. Does anyone know if there is gluten in Immunotherapy-Sublingual Therapy?(which are Allergy shots...
  13. Tigertail

    Celiac's And Seizures

    Hey Spunky! Thank you for that info on Dogtorj. I just got done reading some of it and it was quite interesting and...
  14. Tigertail

    Celiac's And Seizures

    Thanks everyone for your input.You have all been a great help!
  15. Hi, Well it sure sounds like DH, but the best way to know for sure would be to see a dermatologist and have a biopsy...