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  1. Hammer Nutrition has updated their energy bars... http://www.e-caps.com/za/ECP?PAGE=PRODUCT&...AMI=10082#info2 Gluten Free Dairy Free
  2. I asked my coach the same question last year because I just got tired of spending so much loot on scientific recovery drinks and gels. That stuff works okay but is also way expensive when you consider how much you go through in a month. Anyway, here's what my coach had to say... - The post-event...
  3. I have toyed with Endurox R4 in the past and found that it definitely does what it says... a little too much for me. The muscle recovery part of the product really relaxed me. As if I had just downed a whole bottle of Nyquil. Maybe I mixed it too strong or something... I don't know. The product is...
  4. I'm a competitive road cyclist and a competitive track cyclist and a Celiac. I was diagnosed about four years ago and I'm still learning what works best for me. I've found that Sustained Energy from Hammer Nutrition ( http://www.e-caps.com/ ) works well but I"m not too sure about the ingredients...