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  1. For some reason I am craving and can actually taste it in my mind (so to speak) fun fetti cake mix. When it is all mixed up and ready to go into the oven. Not sure why my body/brain picked this to crave and remeber at the moment. Even before I new I had to go gluten-free I hadn't had it in probably close to a year. If only it were the baking part that made it not gluten-free I would be in heaven
  2. Is is normal to have a drastic drop in appitite? I'm 2 months gluten-free and my appitite is no existant. I like that I am losing weight (I am overweight) but if this isn't normal I'll need to see yet another doctor to see what is going on. It is so nice to have a place where we can come and ask questions. It has made the transisition alot easier so to all of you - Thanks! If it weren't for you guys I would have ripped my hair out by now.
  3. I found a couple of receipes that are gluten-free but they call for xanthan gum. I have idea what it si and where I can get it. Can you get it from a grocery store or do you have to go to a speacialty shop (the kind that you can buy cake pans and decorating materials)?
  4. Thanks everyone. Hearing everyones experience has really helped me in not feeling like I need mental help I think I'm going to try and make a gluten free cake. My husband bought one at the store (not sure which brand since it is something new to try) and I found an icing that doesn't have gluten in it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Last night my husband made some croissant rolls to go with some home made soup he made. He has been great in getting my gluten free stuff for me to eat and really goes out of his way to find good tasting stuff. I told him to go ahead and make them. That was a big mistake. It smelled soooooooo good. I sat in the kitchen sniffing them remebering what they tasted like. Then I busted into tears because I'll never be able to have that again. It was like I was mourning over a loved one who died. I've been gluten free for 2 months now and haven't had any real cravings to eat food that is "off limits" until last night. My daughter and husband have made cookies, brownies and other stuff that I can't ahve and I was ok with all of that. Did anyone else mourn food they can't eat anymore or am I just nuttier then I thought I was?
  6. I went to the Allergist yesterday and I tested negative for an allergy to wheat. He said he thinks I had a false negative on my blood test since being gluten free has improved my symptoms greatly. On one hand I want to be able to eat all the "normal" stuff and not worry about what is in it, but on the other hand I don't really miss is that much. Only at certain times I may be like I would die to have a piece of that cake or roll with butter. I was such a carb junkie I am surprised it was so easy to become gluten free (Not that changing the stuff I ate was easy but by not having triscuits, bread, etc with no cravings).
  7. Not sure if I am going to go or not. It is at the Marriot Convention Center (which I guess is part of the hotel). I was planning on going but then I started thinking of what they had last year. It is in a different hotel so the food may be different but it will probably be basically the same. Based on last years food I would now be able to eat cheese and fruit and some meat since I wouldn't know what was in everthing else. Do you think I should just go and just eat things (if anything) I can eat and know there is nothing in or stay home and be safte? Any and all advice is appreciated!
  8. Hi--its my understanding that the test is only accurate if you are still eating the gluten. I don't know about the month thing however--if that is in the ball park or not. But your body's reaction seems to be more to the point. You at least have a very definite allergy. Testing isn't always accurate. What kind of test did you have by the way??

    When done with tests, I suggest you

  9. Have you been checked for a possible bowl obstruction or to see if your intestines are slightly twisted? It could by a partial obstruction. I have lupus and about 6 years ago (before I had an allergy to wheat) I would have similar symptoms. What had happened was that the lupus was attacking my intestines and it was causing them to slowly die. Thank God that I didn't have to have any removed. I would definantly have a CT scan or sonogram to make sure.
  10. I'm waiting for the Secretary at my Allergist to call back ( not until after 2). I need to start getting my allergy shots again. I stopped due to being busy and taking time off from work but my eyes are starting to itch and swell so it is time to go back. Anyhoo.....I was talking to the nurse at the allergist because I want to get tested for shelfish allergy and I explained that the Celiac test came back negative so I wanted to have an allergy test to see if it is an allergy verses and intolerance. My question is do you have to be eating gluten to have the test to see if you are allergic to it or is it just how you react to the stuff they stick in your arm? Why I am at it I have another question. I've been gluten free for about a month. Can your reaction to gluten be worse then it was before you went gluten free since you haven't had it in your system? I know I shouldn't have but I just wanted a hamburger from McDonalds so I had only had half the bun (I know I know better and have kicked my self in the but several times) this time instead of the pain and bloating I started getting itchy all over and my tongue felt like it was starting to swell (had that happen before and it is not fun! try telling the doctor all your medications you are on while holding your tounge. very funny). It didn't do it enough that I went to the hospital but it was a new reaction to gluten.
  11. I had to laugh as this weekend my daughter had a box of doughnuts and I just opened the box a bit and sat there smelling it. She came in and looked at me like I had gone crazy. This has been the weekend of smelling the things I can't have
  12. Thanks! They were definately dredged in flour or cc as my stomach is really hurting and the bloating has begun. I guess since I'm three weeks or so on my Gluten free lifestyle I will still make some errors and with this reaction I will definately learn from them!! I will have to try making them at home as well. Instead of spicey maybe so garlic potato wedges mmmmmm.....
  13. Please tell me that they are not coated in flour. I can't tell. They are the kind that you get at the grocery store at the deli counter where the "hot" convenince food is. I've had three of them so far as it looked like they weren't dreadged in anthing. Now that I'm looking at someothers it looks like it may have been
  14. All last week and then today people are bringing in cookies and cakes and tons of stuff with gluten. I think that the evil glute is out to get me It's a conspiracy I tell you!
  15. I was thinking about gettting it but wasn't sure if it was a waste of money or not. Please let me know any likes or dislikes of the book if you have it/read it/heard about it. Thanks!
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