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  1. Ok i get it now thanks for clearing that up
  2. In what ways is CC a problem? Thanks
  3. WOW i just love how nice people are here THANKS sooooooooooo much
  4. CC thats very interesting i never really thought of that Thanks
  5. Hi Tori, Im kinda in the same boat as you im homeschooled beacuse my dad moves jobs alot to and people in public school are so MEAN!!!!!!!!! they just hate when you bring your own lunch or are a little differnt
  6. Im kinda new to the gluten-free life style so if anyone has any tips please feel free to post Thanks
  7. Yes i guess we do and you are all right it dose get eaiser Thanks
  8. Thanks you really helped me out i dont really know where im going in cancun
  9. Any one know of any gluten-free stores or resturants in Cancun? Thanks
  10. Wow thanks so much for the tips and to know there is alot more people out there like me Thanks so much for your kindness
  11. Well i just need to know there are other people who know what im going through thanks
  12. Thanks

    I just want to thank everyone for being so nice
  13. Thanks so much for the replies you are all so ni ce Thank you very much none of my family is gluten intolerant or celiac so i need as much support as i can get Thanks so much
  14. Anyone

    Any one can post if they want to its not limited to any persons
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