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  1. Ive heard some say 2 weeks..others months on gluten-free diet to see results. what are your experiences with the length of time..or how you sped it up or maybe what slowed you down thanks!!!!
  2. yah i did this and had a major detox. i was eating lean pork and vegetables. all my symptoms went away but they came back because i couldnt stick to it. it can be so hard to get the body to transition eating with little to no carbs. but stick to it..it really does work!
  3. Even though you may feel better with gluten dosent mean your not celiac. what i believe is going on is your body has become allergic to the wheat to the point where it has become immune. your body likes its allergies and craves for more. if you are reacting when going gluten free it tells me that there is some sort of die-off going on and your body is detoxing. i would make sure you check back with your naturopath. see if he/she can find out. its something you should loo into. i mean if worse comes to worse maybe u'll just have to stay on the wheat..but stil that dosent seem right. the fact that you are vomiting is a major detox symptom. stick with it for now, it should subside!
  4. Has anyone gone on the gluten free diet and lost a lot of weight. I have gained 50 lbs in a few months and was told it was mostly water (because of big stretch marks) and it would all dissapear in a month of going gluten free. I'd love reassurance and to hear any stories of gluten free weight loss. Happy Trails, Kiwi
  5. hello, im an 18 year old female from Canada ive always been a size 00, and could eat vicariously without worry. one day i woke up with an appetite like no other. i began eating more wheat and grains which i rarely ate before. My stomach would bloat to the size of a 7-8 month pregnant woman. the abdominal pain got SO bad that i was rolling on the bathroom floor thinking i would die. i was rushed into emergency asap but they said all i was, was low in iron! that was A WASTE OF TIME! the truth is before i got that blood work from the hospital (3 DAYS BEFORE) i was high in iron! So i started retaining water. i went from a size 00 to a size 2/3 in 1 month. i thought it was fat but it dosent look like fat. i heard that u can retain water where it looks like fat. I eat a lot of food. and when people hear a lot- they dont realize how much. i can eat 5 large pizzas a day and STILL be hungry, its sick. yet ud think id be bigger than i am. i lost my period too which is weird. im always tired, i take iron pills that dont help. my joints are sore. im constipated but i used to have elephant like poops (sorry haha.) im thirsty a lot too. my skin gets itchy a lot as well PLEASE, i need to know whats going on!. i miss being tiny me. i know its sounds bad because im lucky to still be small, but i mean when none of ur clothes fit u feel horrible. it cant be normal to literally BINGE on food and then the next day/ morning feel HUNGRIER! i get tests done soon, but do u guys think im celiac?
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