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  1. OK, I just read the label on my shampoo and it has at least 2 wheat ingredients in it...go figure. It's Redken All Soft brand and it has always worked really well for my hair Will this really make me sick? It seems so crazy that you could get sick from absorbing gluten through your scalp in the shower!
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. I never really considered having MORE than one food intolerance at once- how inconvenient! I think I'm going to start by cutting out dairy and then if that doesn't work try the other ones too. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I guess it just takes a lot of time and experimenting!
  3. Thanks! I think I'm going to avoid milk for a little while, I had a frappuchino this morning (the starbucks pre-bottled kind) and my stomach has been bothering me all day. Though I have to admit it could be because I ate nachos with chili on it last night I guess I need to be careful with the beans lol!
  4. Hi everyone, I was just wondering...I read that it might be good to avoid dairy products at first because of previous damage to the intestines. Did you all do that or no? And do you think it's a good idea? Also, what is the deal with Soy products? Okay or not okay? I know that soy sauce for chinese food has wheat in it... Thanks! -Katie
  5. THanks guys, I will do some more research and find out if they have any wheat products there or grow it at that farm at all. -Katie
  6. THanks a lot I have done a lot of research on it so far. Who knows what the blood tests will say, but if I feel better on the diet I'm definitely sticking with it My friend that has it has never been officially diagnosed, but seriously, if you get sick from eating a turkey sandwich that is not normal lol! Oh, also I was going to ask, how long does it typically take to feel better? I read on this forum that some people don't see full effects for several months? I keep forgetting things I want to ask.... 1. Should I avoid dairy for a little while? 2. Is soy okay or not okay? I've heard conflicting info on that.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I'm trying to follow the gluten free diet now. I went shopping at this awesome grocery store called Earth Fare, it has lots of organic and specialty foods, and I found some oatmeal that is "Nature's Path" brand. It says "may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, or soy" but it doesn't say anything about wheat. I guess the oats are organic and harvested on some farm somewhere, but wouldn't it have to say on the package if it contained wheat or traces of wheat? There is a website too, www.naturespath.com Thanks -Katie
  8. SO I have been having digestive problems for quite some time now...not really sure how long. I guess I thought it was normal to be in the bathroom 4 or 5x per day? Anyways I'm 21 years old and I've been having diarrhea and stomach pain, abdominal cramping and bloating, fatigue, and just a general feeling of crappiness all over. I had my daughter (1st child) last February, 2007. I have been trying to eat "healthy" food ever since she was born, which includes a lot of whole grain pasta and bread of course...but I'm in the Marine Corps and they dont' care if you just had a baby, they just want you to lose the weight. I went to the doctor and he was concerned because of my family history, so he sent me in for a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. (My dad was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer at 47) So I go in for the procedures, and afterwards the doctor tells me that everything is normal, but I need to go to the lab to get my blood tested for Celiacs. This struck me as rather odd, because I actually have a friend with Celiacs and I never even thought that could be the problem. I had the blood test last week, and I haven't gotten the results back, hopefully later this week my doctor will give me a call. It's taking a while because they have to send the blood out to a reference lab, they can't do it at the Army hospital here. I have been eating gluten free food since sunday, and I felt better until this morning, but I have a feeling that the nachos I ate for dinner at McAllister's last night might have something to do with that. They had chili on them with lots of beans and I'm not used to eating beans lol! I just figured since I already got the blood test I could go ahead and start the diet to see if it helps. A couple other things I should mention: My mom said that as a baby I had diarrhea a lot and I was always fussy, just crying 24/7. Apparently it helped when they put me on a special soy-based formula, but I'm kinda thinking that they weren't very careful about how they manufactured food products in the 80's, at least not like they are now. Also she said that when I was a toddler I would have really bad spells of diarrhea, and she had to feed me only rice and applesauce, and then I would get better for a while. I was like gee thanks mom, did you ever think of mentioning this before??? When I was in marine combat training for a month (after our 3 month long boot camp), all we had to eat was MRE's every day. I ate three of them per DAY, which is about 9,000 calories. They are also supposed to make you constipated, but I still had diarrhea, and I ended up losing at least another 10 lbs, and I was VERY thin to begin with. I'm pretty tall (5'7") and I was a size 6 before I went to combat training, and when I came out I was a size 2, and you could see all my ribs, my hip bones were sticking out, etc. I looked anorexic after eating 9,000 calories a day!!! Also my dad has always had digestive problems, but never went to the doctor. He was also diagnosed as anemic, no known cause, at least 10 years ago. Then he got diagnosed with colon cancer at age 47, it was end of stage 3, and it quickly progressed to stage 4 terminal cancer. My mom thinks he had it at least for a year before that, since he was 46, and colon cancer is pretty rare in men under 50. I wonder if my dad has Celiacs, he seems to have a lot of the symptoms, and it would make sense since there is a genetic link. IF you're still reading this, thanks for listening! Any comments, advice is welcome -Katie
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