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  1. My daughter went gluten & dairy free on December 1st. Her behavior has definitely improved and some of her other symptoms have improved as well. However, she is still having issues: 1. Her tummy is still very bloated 2. She still passes a lot of gas 3. Her stool are still not formed 4. her breath smells Has anyone had this happen? Any suggestions on what to try next? She is taking digestive enzymes, probiotics, CLO & a GI repair product.
  2. I'm trying to figure out what is 4 year old behavior & what might be caused by gluten. I have two questions: 1. Last summer, pre diagnosis, my daughter would sometimes complain that her legs hurt when we were biking around the block. It's not a big block and she previously had biked around it without a problem. She's a pretty active kid so I was always confused by this. Could the gluten play a part in her legs actually hurting? 2. Lately my daughter has been bursting into tears when things don't go her way. I'm wondering if the gluten is causing some kind oftrouble or if she's just spoiled.
  3. Do you think a stainless steel collander (non mesh) might be ok? It's flat & the holes are round or should that go too? Also, what about my kitchenaid food processor? Stay or go?
  4. Of course the spatulas were used on gluten foods. Not so much the sippy cup although it was in the presence of gluten foods all the time. And what about kitchen dish towels & the clothies we use as napkins. they've been around a while but washed a lot. Is that sufficient?
  5. what kind of flour would I use to make my own?
  6. Just wondering if playing with playdough might affect her.
  7. Thanks for the tip. We have eliminated dairy as she also tested sensitive to dairy on the enterolab test. Guess we'll try soy next. My husband thinks we should test her for it (he likes to see the #s). Since its a stool test we might do it. Lot easier than a blood test.
  8. My DD was diagnosed gluten sensitive via stool test at enterolab. We did not get a blood test or biopsy and she's been gluten free since just after Thanksgiving. While her disposition has changed for the better & she complains less about her tummy hurting her distended stomach hasn't really gone down much. I realize it will take time but I thought I would have noticed a difference by now. Has anyone been in a similar situation and found out a different cause for the distended stomach?
  9. What made the doctor suspect those conditions? How were you tested for them? FWIW, my husband did cheat over the holidays and found that his hand rash, which had been clearing up nicely, started to come back each time he cheated. For my daughter, I'm not sure I'd want to find out what being "glutened" is like for her. lol.
  10. So last night it dawned on me that I probably need to replace all our cutting boards, amongst other things. I'd like to do this right. Is there a list somewhere that tells me which kitchen items to get rid of and which ones to keep? Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. My husband and daughter were diagnosed as gluten & dairy sensitive via enterolab. In addition, the test showed my husband has some malabsorption issues. Starting before Thanksgiving the household went gluten/dairy free. Is there any point now of getting a confirmed diagnosis via blood test and scope? My daughter had a very traumatic blood draw at the ped. where they were supposed to do the celiac blood test but screwed up. I'd rather not repeat that procedure if there's no real point. If we decided to do the blood test would be have to go back on gluten?
  12. I'm just curious, since everyone keeps mentioning Lyme disease. What other symptoms might point to Lyme disease? Or is it just that the gluten intolerance is secondary to the lyme disease, which at the time is presenting no symptoms?
  13. Thanks for the kind words. She's 4. And since her behavior has likely been influenced by gluten all her life we really don't have a baseline for what "normal" is, you know? She's always been a willful, difficult child and I'm sad to think much of it might have been because of gluten and/or other food allergies and sensitivities. When she's not acting out she is such a wonderful, sweet, smart vivacious kid. Glad we finally figured something out that might help, though.
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