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  1. Thanks. I should not use the word depress. I mean I get sad if I eat anything that I know will make me fill bloated. I just get like down because I let myself down. I am not depress or anything I am a really upbeat person. I am sorry if used the incorrect words. The problem is the cravings and how to deal with them but I used the water today and went for a walk to take my mind off the cake that was in the kitchen. I know the best way is to stay 100% away. I only have 8 weeks to go here and I be back home. Thank You so much for all the support and the prayers for us here in harms ways.
  2. Thank you thats really helps, I do not drink sodas any more but I do drink coffee and I use cream. I will start the water right now. what about the flax seed oil or the flax seed in the dry form. Do you know anything about that?
  3. Thank you so much for the response. I am the commanding officer and my boss knows about my condition. I guess I will be diferrent it was one of my soldiers but I knew I was able to manage. All my soldiers know about my condition and are very protective of my health. I only have 9 weeks to go but I was wonder about anything that made the cravings go away. I heard flax seed is good but it taste so bad. I always do really good when I am home and I have all the support of my family specially my husband. I took this mission because I belived on it. I am leaving with the Iraqi Army, training them so all the combat troops can go home. I know is a little sacrife for what others have done. If anybody have any ideas in what to do for the time been please let me know.
  4. I am a deployed soldier with Gluten sensitivy. My face look like a ballon, I gained weight and I know is water. I know is bad for me. After I eat something with gluten I get a high and them depress. It is hard for me because I do not have any distraction and everything here has gluten. I am in a remote location in Iraq we do not get fruits or vegetables. Is there any magic solution for the cravings?
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