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  1. can anyone direct me to a list of gluten foods/products so I know what to avoid.
  2. really? ok thanks....curious if you personally say had a cup of gluten products what would you experience and how long would it take?
  3. I looked at the protein powder and it says may contain products derived from wheat,soy and dairy...so there it is. It is unclear about quaker oats, only says "100% rolled oats" its been about 12 hours since having the powder, still bloated and feel like crap but pains and trips to the bathroom have ended, also started being itchy which i remember well and use to hate when doctor always told me there seems to be no cause, havent been itchy in months, it all is making sense now. I also read that some people get depressed and have concentration problems, I find this interesting since I have always had depression and adhd symptoms yet was never given a dx of either disorder, as I look back with new diet which was carb free and also unintentionally gluten free, I have not had much depression or attention problems...hmmm I would like to get tested but that would mean eating gluten again for awhile though right? not sure if I am willing to go in pain again just to find out.
  4. forgot to mention also that my vision is blurry today, having trouble with balance, and getting numb in feet and hands

  5. Last 6 months been doing a high protein, low carbs (really only carb has been sweet potatoes) diet, recently got into bodybuilding and main focus has been: meats, brocolli, apples/oranges,spinach,yogurt,skim milk,cottage cheese,sweet potatoes,eggs and peanut butter, green tea and lots of water, pretty much my diet and supplemented with teaspoon of olive and fish oil capsules along with a daily vitamin. I noticed since making this chancge and giving up grains,breads, I have had no stomach pains, more energy and no bloat, my reason for the switch though was to go low carb for getting thinner though, just happened to notice the bonus effects, just always though I had a sensitive stomach and been told before I had ibs but really never agreed with it, and having no issues for 6 months kind of throws that dx out the window. Anyhow I added quaker oats and a protein powder to my regimen 3 days ago and as I write this and for last 48 hours or so I have: extreme diarrehea (sp?) bloated like a baloon extreme gas pains moody, cant focus, agitated face puffy ulcres in my mouth zero and I mean zero energy groin pains lower back pains just fee like going to bed
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