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  1. I've been gluten free for about three weeks now and all of a sudden my skin is breaking out like crazy. I look like a teenager. Did anyone else have this happen when they went gluten free?
  2. Thanks for the responses. I'm still not sure what caused the problem the other night. At Outback, I ordered off the gluten free menu- I had the lobster tail- steamed, a baked potato with butter, and a salad- no croutons of course, with oil and vinegar as the dressing. I had this at about 5pm. It wasn't until around 1am that I had the cheese and olives (I work nights so I don't get to bed until about 5am). The cheese was a brand new package and the olives were in a freshly opened can. I started feeling sick around 2:30am. I stayed up feeling miserable until about 6am, woke up at 12pm and felt better. So I guess the only thing I can think of is cross contamination at the restraunt. I'm scared to eat anywhere and anything right now!
  3. Hi All! So glad to have found this site. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago and I was finally feeling pretty close normal for the first time in almost a year. I don't know if I'm in the right section, but here's my question. Tonight I went to Outback and ordered off their gluten free menu. I felt fine afterwards. Several hours later, I was feeling a little bit hungry so I went for a snack. Had a piece of motzarella cheese and some black olives. I feel TERRIBLE now. Am I missing something? Is there something in the cheese or the olives that could have caused this? Or could it be the Outback from much earlier? I HATE this feeling and don't want to deal with it ever again!
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