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  1. I tested positive with the blood work through my rheumatologist who said I didn't need an endoscopy/biopsy (my symptoms were not the typical symptoms) and have been gluten-free for two years feeling pretty darn good too! I went last week to a GI doc for a bleeding problem probably unrelated and he said "you can't be sure you have celiac unless you have the biopsy" he wanted me to go back on gluten for a questionable length of time, unsupervised, and have the test. There is no way to be sure of the correct time to be on gluten for a positive result. I am in a horrible dilema trying to decide what is the right thing: poison myself for a chance at for sure diagnosis or live with the doubts of my present and future doctors. If you can get the biopsy in a reasonable amount of time without being too miserable it will hopefully save you heartache later on.
  2. I love to eat out so I have had to talk with the chef or manager at many restaurants and it is possible to work things out to have a safe delicious meal. Just be patient and like the other responses recommend try to contact the restaurant ahead of time or before or after the "rush". You didn't mention which part of the country you are visiting? But many tourist areas have hotels and restaurants with gluten-free menus ie disneyland, disneyworld, dairy queen, outback steakhouse, mountain mikes pizza, etc. And many more will accomodate you by making a protein or lettuce wrap burger, adjust sauces or check ingrediaents for you so that there will be something you can eat. Good Luck Hope the rest of your trip is wonderfull
  3. Pre diagnosis my hair stylist asked me if thinning hair ran in my family. I was thinning badly near my part and would have gobs of hair falling out regularly. I shed more than my cats, for a woman that is a big big deal. After diagnosis my doctor worked with me to bring my vitamin and mineral deficiencies back to normal and I started to feel much better. I asked about my hair and thinning/breaking nails and he also recommended the biotin it worked great and in about 8 months I saw tremendous improvement. now two years later I have thicker hair than i have ever had. Good Luck
  4. I also had noticable hair loss before gluten-free and after a few months began using lotions and shampoos that do not have wheat. It made a dramatic difference with my skin, scalp and hair problems. I recommend Pureology zerosulfate purifyshampoo (pale green bottle) expensive but you use a very small amount so it lasts. It has tea tree oil in it also. Check carefully because not all of the pureolgy products are wheat free. Neutrogena Clean Replenishing shampoo and conditioner are also great.
  5. Rick sometimes it is recommended to eliminate dairy temporarily because of sensitivity in the small intestine, also look out for hidden gluten in things like salad dressing potato chips etc.. For me it is the little things (constantly changing food labels) that send me off to the bathroom. Some celiac disease patients also have a problem with Casein (a protein in cows milk) or soy.
  6. For over 5 years I dealt with doctors telling me that all of my test results were "normal" even though I was complaining of chronic fatigue, Irritability, joint pain, brain fog, migranes, gas, bloating, eczema, and itchy blisters on my scalp. These symptoms became so bad that I would work one day and have to sleep the entire next day to be able to function. Eventuallly I quit my job entirely just so I could sleep enough during the day to take care of my family. Finally a blood test alerted my 4th GP in as many years that an autoimune disease might be the cause. With further blood tests a Reumatologist actually diagnosed celiac and I have been gluten-free for 2 years now and 95% healthy. My problem is that I am seeing a GI doctor now and he believes because I was not given an endoscopy I do not know for sure I have celiac. He recommends doing the challenge for awhile and then the endoscopy/biopsy. How long I asked? "A few weeks? Maybe months or it could take longer before a biopsy would show damage". Not a very helpful answer Have you taken the challenge?
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