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  1. Okay so when the doctor called to discuss my endoscopy results (for celiac) he mentioned that some of my intestines was showing potential signs of crohnes disease too.. i have to see him tuesday and they are going to take my blood and test it for crohnes (sorry if im spelling it wrong.) has anybody been told this before and did you have it- im really scared and im just new to celiac let alone something else in ADDITION to it all. Help please. I dont know what to think/feel
  2. Does anyone know about Crohnes disease in addition to celiac? And were you told by the doctor it was a possibility after when he called to give you the endoscopy results? help
  3. Today I got my biopsy results. I have Celiac for real- no more chances of a different diagnoses with other testing (blood, looking through the endoscopy and the biopsies ALL prove it) He said not to have dairy, not even if i take lactaid. Then he says (I have a appointment on next Tuesday) that he wants to take more blood as the endoscopy shows that I may have Crohnes disease IN ADDITION TO CELIAC. I was like WHOAH- way to much information! I mean really. i think I really want to throw up now. He then continued to lecture me over the phone that I am a adult and that I need to start living a gluten free life- I had told him that I had gluten but not on purpose - solely on accident. I think he was very rude on the phone. Has anyone been told they may have Crohnes disease too?? HELP Please- Im scared.
  4. Im just getting so mad. I live with my b-f who doesnt fully understand, so i feel like im just cranky all the time with him. (I certainly feel bad later on about it) but my parents are no help (they try) but they dont know what has gluten and dairy in it (neither do i apprently) I thought sushi in general was safe. wrong. Yes i didnt check the ingredients in the twizzilers before buying them or even eating them. im new to this and my doctor hasnt been the best support. it all happened too fast and with no explaining. he just said no dairy/no gluten. i dont know anyone else with this and i feel like ive become a complete bother to my family and my boyfriend as well as a grump. i feel like i cant get ahead, i havent felt better( i understand it takes time) but until i feel better i dont think this is going to work (i understand that i need to be gluten-free and df- but it doesnt register) Thank you for the advice- everyone, and i know that im being stubborn and attacking, (not trying to be- not my intention) i just dont know anymore. I am taking 6 college classes and working over 40 hours aweek. not only will veggies and fruit go bad but well who has time to eat healthy with this schedule? (yes i know- I chose it) But reality is - i need to work that much in order to get an education (which is important to me) im just mad and frustrated.
  5. Are you being really harsh?? What are the probabilites of these things. I am just curious as some things on celiac is not known.
  6. Unfortunetly I have been doing that (running to the BR) since NOVEMBER, so I've sort have gotten use to that, I dont know what its like to actually have to use the bathroom on normal bases. I am overwhelmed. To top it all off I am a full time Junior in college (just transfered to a new school- graduated from a 2 year a semester early) I work full time and ive had some major health problems going on. Soy sauce has wheat in it?? Haah- ill be dead by tomorrow if not in the ER from dehydration.
  7. So since my endoscopy on the 26th... i have not been able to keep up with what is gluten free or not. like twizzilers- who would have thought? Then fake crab (yes I ate sushi tonight) And yes I am feeling the consequences of it. I want to just curl up in a ball and CRY. SCREAM. THROW A FIT. Yes I know that is childish, but I mean come on! This is getting ridiculous to me. What happens if I just in general keep eating gluten? Will I die or just be sick for the rest of my life???
  8. AGGHHHGGHH--- I just ate sushi- of course with the crab- how else should you eat it (I dont do raw seafood) I havent even been able to last 2 weeks on this no gluten thing. ( It was finalized 2 weeks on tuesday when i had an endoscopy) I just want to cry (in between for running to the bathroom) - this just wont work out. Sushi is what makes me happy. : (
  9. New England, 1/2 hour away from Boston!
  10. Okay- so the endoscopy says i have celiac for sure- AND- Im lactose intolorant- AND- I have a hernia. They said I am actually very sick, and to not eat gluten or dairy ever again pretty much. I want to cry. So i cant even have gluten free pizza! I just want to scream out loud. I think my boyfriend is scared of having food around me as i am not coping so well. Okay its one thing to take italian (true italian- normal italian) food away from a italian girl, but then to take away icecream and dairy?? Ben and Jerry's calls my name all night long at work! : ( Yesterday came too fast, and well had too much information. I can find out my biopsy results when i call in two weeks. Does anyone know exactly what they are testing for in the biopsy??? As the procedure was not explained to me very well. thanks for everyones advice and help. Yes i am moping. : ( i still do not know how to go about this. no soy, no tofu, no gluten, no dairy. : (
  11. Hi! okay so im new to this forum and well celiac. I have been sick since november and decided i had to tell my family around christmas because well i couldnt eat anything. I finally went to the doctors who took samples of my stool, that turned out negitive then my pee sample turned out negitive. Then came the blood tests. (im needle phobic really bad.) Long story short my levels are really high for celiac. I have an endoscopy on the 26th and am scared beyond belief. I ended up in the ER last weekend because i became dehydrated. (randomly started throwing up- but had no virus) so that was a trip. I am suppose to see a nutricience. But I am a vegatarian and do not like beans, or soy (soy doesnt react well with my body) I am getting so sick, and sicker by the day. I have to eat gluten until the endoscopy. The doctor also said I may be lactose intolerant. So what does that leave me with? lettace without salad dressing? I was so good at hiding me being sick during nov, and mostly december, but i started getting worried. Any advice? coping? Im 20, so ive been eating pasta and pizza my ENTIRE life, and in all honesty i dont think I will be able to live without cheating and eating gluten! HELPPPPPP MEE PLEASE
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