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  1. I purchase my vitamins through Vitamin Shoppe online. They carry the Solgar brand. It's very easy to discern whether...
  2. Fritzer

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    It was by blood test and I don't have the records. I did have a colonoscopy, a polyp removed, and he eventually told...
  3. Fritzer

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    (Oh, rest assured I WILL be paying 6 bucks for brownies once a month!) Thank you so much for posting these links!...
  4. Fritzer

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    Thank you, Deb. I'm in Nutley and no, never heard of Wegman's. Just made a trip down the "special" aisle at Shoprite...
  5. Fritzer

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    Hello, everyone! I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease in 2004. I spent a lot of money and effort to eliminate gluten...