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  1. Boston/london

    Hi all, I'm new here. I live just shy of Boston, MA, (Brookline) and I was wondering if there are any Celiac groups close to home. Also- is there a comprehensive list anywhere with retailers that carry gluten-free food/beverages? On a side note, I am contemplating a trip to the UK (London) in September. Can anyone suggest travel tips for a Celiac and/or placed to dine in London that are Celiac-friendly? Thank you in advance! PS: Oops- I just realized these boards already exist. My bad! I'll look there.
  2. So I was diagnosed with Celiac about fourteen years ago after I had my son. Since then, I've been glutened countless times (and each time I learned from it, I swear). So now I am hyper-careful with what and how I eat. However, it seems that lately, ANYTHING I eat becomes a digestive "issue". It has gotten to the point that I I don't eat out and I tend not to socialize as much as I used to. My rant involves several things. One is that I visted the doctor several months ago complaining of digestive issues, and they did bloodwork to "confirm" the Celiac diagnosis, which was done out of state and many, mnay years ago. Of course, the blood test came back negative. (To which I responded, "Fine, let's go have a couple of slices of pizza and then I'll hang around in your office for the next hour. When I'm doubled over on the floor and/or puking my guts out you can re-test me!" You'd think they would let a grown woman in her late thirties tell them what's up, but no. BTW, it was only a blood test- no other tests were done. My second, and last, rant involves the sheer cost of gluten free foods. 'Nuff said. Thank you for "listening". Oh, yeah, what's the deal with gluten in cosmetics and toilettries?!?! Gracias!
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