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    Reading SFI and Fantasy<br />Gardening<br />Beading and jewelry making<br />Crocheting<br />Baking with gluten free grains and flours<br />Walking my Lhasa Apso <br />Participating in my support group
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    Greenville, SC, USA
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi, I often buy Hodgson Mill's gluten-free baking mix, at my grocery store! It's good for choc chip cookies, pancakes, waffles, coffee cake and really good brownies. Those...
  3. Nothing new today. I am still really tired. Doctor refilled my hycosamine so I have that for emergencies. I hate taking it because it really dries me out, literally.
  4. Hello Steph, Yes, it does get better. Celiac is really hard to live with, but eating gluten is worse! Depression is hard to fight alone, go get help if you need it. Call the...
  5. Hi, I have had the small Bosch for 26 years. (This is the one that can make 3 loaves, not 5) Before Celiac, I used it to make 2 or 3 loaves of whole wheat bread every week for...
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend a facial cleanser and moisturizer that are gluten free? I went to Glo Minerals here in my hometown. The cleanser is $38 and the moisturizer is $73! ...
  7. Hi, I'm in Greenville, SC. There is an active Celiac Disease support group here. We meet the second Thursday of each month at the Earth Fare Health Food store on I-85 north and...
  8. AnnieZ, I had really severe stomache aches after I went gluten free (April 15, 2008). We finally figured out that my body had not had to "work" at digesting my food for so long...
  9. We have a Celiac Support Group that meets the second Thursday of each month, in Greenville, at the Earth Faire health food store, 7 - 8 PM. That's located at Pelham Road and I-...
  10. Calicoe, It isn't easy, no matter what the circumstances! This disease just su---! Having vented, I suggest that you go to the library, it's free. Find books on gluten intolerence...
  11. JNBunnie, Thanks, I will look up german potato salad in my cook books. It's hard to focus on the positive but that is the only way to live with this. And, I must say, getting...
  12. I'm newly diagnosed, April 15, with biopsy and positive bloodwork. I've been so angry and frustrated because I have lots of difficult food allergies. But I blamed all my issues...
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