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  1. My Boyfriend was diagnosed in January of 08. Just recently we
  2. its hard to look forward when the only thing you've ever felt is pain. please let me know any success stories. what you had to do to get there. and how long it took you to feel...
  3. Thank you all for you advice, I now believe the big problem has been caramel coloring, Brian's been gluten free for a year, I just hope that next year is easier. two more...
  4. I believe my boyfriend is a super sensitive celiac. I'm wondering when you guys have a reaction to things like corn and soy and nuts what kind of symptoms do you have do they resemble...
  5. Help

    Has anyone tried to sweat it out. for almost the last month my boyfriend, everyday sits in the bathroom and turns the shower on hot. it fills the room with steam and he sweat an...
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